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2018… the 18th year of the 3rd millennium

2017 was a good year for me. Not the best but it was productive and happy. At the beginning of 2017 I was really settled into my job and my home. I was comfortable and happy with my friends and seemed to have zero drama in my life. Just the way I like it. I …

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I Love You

I love you….how sweet those words are. More than sweet, they are kind, gentle and probably the most longed for words ever. Just like the singer Chris De Burgh says in his song, “Be strong and learn to say the words ‘I love you’. ” His lyrics also say, “There are those who think that love comes …

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Have you ever really been in-love?

Have you ever been in-love? Not lust, not like and not infatuation, true blue love. It’s a tough question. I have had three serious relationships in my life but think I was only really in love once. Or maybe twice. Being in-love has so many different meanings to different people.  There should be a guide-book that …

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