Hello 2017


I am happy to see the New Year is upon us and excited with whats to come. I love change and hoping for something new. New hair color, new home or any new experiences. But unlike most I have noticed, 2016 was not a bad year for me. I have a great job, I’m comfortable in my home and financially it was better than most years. I went in a cave underground, took a quick trip back to Savannah to visit and learned to let go on a lot of things and people. The only two downfalls of 2016 for me would be my struggle with my weight and the fact that I was all alone. I’m not sure which was worse.


As corny as it sounds, my high of this past year was watching Donald Trump win the election and my low was feeling like I lost all closeness with a loved one. For me, my year was rather bland or vanilla, so to speak. I was happy and laughed but had no surgeries, no major changes and no international trips. I grew closer with new friends and grew further apart from old ones. I believe I have grown in self-confidence and even a little independent. Crazy as it sounds, I, Nanette Thomas, popped open my hood of my car and put oil in it and changed the battery in my smoke alarm @ home. All by myself. Ha! Who would have ever thought?!


I have big [secret] plans for this year and am in great anticipation of what the outcome will be. I am hoping to find someone special to spend time with but also not willing to settle for just anyone. I still would desperately love to do some more international traveling but my goal is to put all trips off until 2018 for financial reasons. I am debt free and am trying to remain that way, at least for another year. I dream of getting a new car but again, would like to hold off on for as long as I can.

My plans for 2017 include spending more time with my mom, cooking more, exercise more and watching less tv. I also only wrote 4 post in this blog in 2016 so my plan is to beat that this year. That shouldn’t be hard to do since I was able to write 78 post in 2012 and have been writing in here ever since. I guess one word to sum up 2016 would be solitude and one word I would like for 2017 would be productive.Thank you to a few close friends and a couple of family members who helped me survive yet another year. Now here’s to 2017….


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  1. If you’re telling an honest story (and I believe you are), you are doing everything right to achieve your goals. It just takes the time it takes. You have a positive attitude, which helps. It’s no surprise that dating is harder for single parents.

    Once upon a time (in my thirties) I needed to lose some weight, exercise more and meet new people too. I earned all three by taking ballroom dance classes. My second wife turned out to be another who enjoyed that kind of dance culture and music. That was 25 years ago, and we are now both retired happily. I hope you’ll find an adaptation that helps you get where you want to go soon.


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