The Tale of Two Cities

I know I’ve done a couple of these but I promise this is my final review of moving back to Missouri since I’ve been here over a year. Still I do not regret it.



Food – better in Savannah and more variety. Hands down. With the exception of pizza and Italian food. Pizza in this city is phenomenal. And I don’t just mean Imos. All the Italian restaurants here are like Little Italy Neighborhood Restaurant on Wilmington Island.


Bugs – way way way worse in Savannah. So happy to leave those creatures behind. You can actually lay in the grass here or take a walk when the weather is nice and not be attacked by creatures.


Water life – to my surprise, Missourians may just enjoy and participate in water activities more than Savannahians as far as floating, swimming, skiing and boating. For a State not located on the ocean I was surprised at how many rivers there are here.

Sports fans – ummmm, that’s obvious, StL. People eat, drink and sleep their sports here. For some it’s their religion.

Cost of Living – Missouri wins this one. It is cheaper to live here.

Earth day word cloud

Eco-Conscious – Missourians put Savannahians to shame on this. They are all about recycling and not littering and very focused on their environment. It’s one of the differences I noticed first when I moved back. They are all about drinking water and not using as many chemicals in their lives.

Drugs – Savannah does have their share of illegal drugs but I do believe Missourians are losing on this one. I think more people are on them here and have more access to them. Maybe it’s because the drug laws are stricter in Georgia. I’m not sure.


Entertainment – There really isn’t any comparison on this one. StL has it all. You could go and go and go everyday and still not see it all. There are concerts, comedy shows, opera, sports, kids activities, fairs and so so much more going on everyday.


Green – green as in the color. The nature here as far as the grass, the trees and the hills all look so much healthier up here. This is another thing that shocked me. It is so green and beautiful in Missouri. There is waterfalls, caves, farms and beautiful rolling hills. Savannah to me, reminds me more of flat and sandy. If y’all come up to visit then you’ll see what I mean. The trees are just bigger and healthier. It’s hard to explain.


Pampering – Boom! Savannah has got it. Savannah knows how to get massages, relax, and be catered to like no body’s business. I give Georgia 5 stars on this one and maybe a half star to Missouri. In Savannah you can find a massage parlor, a nail salon, get your eyebrows thread, your bikini waxed, a tanning salon, a car detailing place or whatever around almost any corner. In Missouri you’re lucky if you could find one. Just kidding but it’s definitely not as common up here. To be pampered I would definitely go to Savannah for that. In Missouri they don’t like to waste their money on things not practical. They wash their own cars, cut their own grass and clean their own homes up here. Strange. Lol



Diversity – Originally I would’ve thought Savannah would win this one being that SCAD is there. But oh no, St. Louis area is definitely more diverse. They have lots of different nationalities living up here. But as far as international food goes, Savannah wins that again.

Crime – Worse in Savannah

The Arts – St Louis!!! Between the museums and live theater there is no contest.

Ok…. The bottom line is if you want to eat good and be pampered you live in Savannah. Just keep your door locked and your gun close. Now if you want to enjoy nature and save money I would say live in Missouri.

I am done comparing the two places. Both places have a piece of my heart ❤️


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