6 months in….





6 months in….

I have survived 6 months back in Missouri. And some of my southern friends didn’t think I would last this long <Dawn!>. I knew I would. I have finally gotten settled with a job and a place to live. Not all the way unpacked, but settled. I moved into a tiny apartment about 40 minutes west of St Louis in a small town. It’s not the prettiest of areas (like New Haven) but it has everything I need. My job is not far from home and I love it. The company is great and so are my co-workers. What more could a girl ask for…
I have learned a few things since then and just want to share them with you

1.) I realize I love the StL area even more than I thought.  It really is everything I dreamed it was and some.

2.) I never really realized before that Missouri is very rural. Larger towns are still under 10,000 residents, and there are only 23 towns over 20,000.  I never lived in the country settings growing up until I moved to Georgia. But I’m in them now. Everyone is so friendly, polite and they love to have their county fairs. It really is the whole apple pie, American flag kind of towns. Lots of hunting and guns and cowboy boots. Some of the State is actually considered Southern, while other parts Midwestern. If you didn’t know any better you might think you were in Bulloch County. To my surprise there is sweet tea here though not as good as down South, but they also have snipe hunting, frog giggin and rodeos.

3.) I was under the impression that Missouri was rather liberal. But come to find out it’s mostly StL that is very liberal but out in the counties its more conservative. (St Louis City is an independent city and not in any county)

4.) I did not realize before I moved here how scenic and beautiful it is here. When I lived here growing up it was in the City. The real City. No driveways, no school buses and definitely no fields. Missouri is so hilly and there is deep valleys, mountains, prairies, lots of rivers, caves and more.  In the county I live in alone has 3 large rivers; Missouri River, Bourbeuse River and the Meramac River. When I always talked about moving back here I always referred to the City life. That’s all I really knew and that’s what I missed. Now I have the best of both worlds.


5.) Missouri’s Wine Country caught me off guard. I had no idea there was such a thing. And boy is it a thing! They are loud and proud of it. There is wineries all over these parts and really popular. So far I have only been to one and that one was in Hermann. They had a band and the sights were beautiful. I can’t wait to check out more in the Spring.

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6.) I wasn’t exactly sure before but I now know, Missourians eat WAY more pizza than anywhere. But for good reason, this place can make some good pizza.


7.) Living in Savannah I never had to worry about driving in ice or snow. I was pretty nervous about it when I got here. I have learned if it’s ice then don’t do it. If it’s snow then go slow. Or I also learned that a spray bottle with part rubbing alcohol and part water is so helpful in the winter. I spray it on my windshield every morning as I walk out the door for work and it melts the ice or snow instantly. And I also learned there is one item that you must have to survive winter in Missouri… GLOVES. Scarf, coats, boots are nice but gloves are a must! I still plan to go snow tubing @ Hidden Valley, ice skating @ Steinberg and catch a Blue Hockey game this season. Lots to still do..


8.) I get to see my family more than I was expecting and that’s a good thing. It’s still so new to me to be able to just go see any one of them any time I want. I have reconnected with old friends and made some great new ones. I’m scared to say it but things are really falling into place.

All in all, I still miss my daughter but I am still glad I moved.




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  1. #6….pizza is life! 🙂

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