The Midwest vs the South

​Food is good here but better (and more fattening) in the South. At least from what I can tell so far. I will say the BBQ and pizza are better in StL and they have Sun Drop, toasted ravioli, frozen custard, provel cheese and are home of the Gooey Butter Cake. But the South wins in this category overall. Savannah has real sweet tea, boiled peanuts and fresh seafood.
Music is better in St Louis. The radio stations and music they play is far, far better. There is no comparison. I guess that is to be expected coming from a much larger city. I have heard songs on the radio here that I haven’t heard since I was in high school. Savannah has about as many concerts there in a year that St Louis has in a week. Just this week in StL the concerts are Brad Paisley, Todd Rundgren, Def Leppard, Styx, Tesla, Toby Keith, Eli Young Band and The Fall of Troy. I am sure there are many others too, really. And it’s like this every week. Its crazy.


 Most would disagree with me but I love the Midwest Weather compared to the South. With fall being my absolute favorite season. St. Louis experiences hot, humid summers and cold winters. It is subject to both cold Arctic air and hot, humid tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. The average annual temperature recorded is 57.1 °F. Both 100 and 0 °F temperatures can be seen on an average 2 or 3 days per year. Average annual precipitation is about 41.0 inches. The city has four distinct seasons:

Spring (March through May) is typically the wettest season, with 11.7 in of precipitation. Spring produces severe weather ranging from tornadoes to winter storms. St. Louis has thunderstorms 48 days a year on average. Especially in the spring, these storms can often be severe, with high winds, large hail and tornadoes. Lying near the hotbed of the Tornado Alley, St. Louis is one of the metropolitan areas with most frequent tornadoes.

Summers are hot and humid; temperatures of 90 °F or higher occur 43 days a year. The record high temperature is 115 °F.  

Fall is mild and sunny, with lower humidity.

Winters can be brisk, as high temperatures below freezing occur 25 days per year, on average. Each winter regularly has at least one major snowstorm accumulating 4 inches or more. The season can also bring comparable amounts of rain; nonetheless, it is typically the driest season. Winter storm can yield heavy freezing rain, ice pellets, and snowfall. The daily average temperature in January is 31.8 °F. The official record low is −22 °F. The average seasonal snowfall is 17.7 inches.

Now Savannah is different, of course. Savannah’s climate is classified as humid subtropical. In the Deep South this climate is characterized by long and almost tropical summers, with temperatures reaching freezing on only 24 days in the winter and with rare snowfall, as the city is south of the snow line. I remember there was snow flurries in 1986 and they closed all the schools and the city freaked out. The snow wasn’t even sticking to the ground. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic coast, Savannah rarely experiences temperatures as extreme as those in Georgia’s interior. Nevertheless, the extreme temperatures have officially ranged from 105 °F to 3 °F.
Summers tend to be humid with many thunderstorms. Nearly half of Savannah’s precipitation falls during the months of June through September, characteristic of monsoon-type climates. The city is very low and possibly has bad drainage systems because when it rains, it floods. Savannah is at risk for hurricanes, and everyone there has been evacuated many many times.  

Sports are huge in St Louis. St. Louis has three major league sports teams. The St. Louis Cardinals, one of the oldest franchises in Major League Baseball and they have won 11 World Series. The Cardinals’ 11 titles are second only to the New York Yankees’. The St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League appeared in three Stanley Cup finals and made 25 consecutive playoff appearances. The city’s National Football League franchise, the St. Louis Rams, won the Super Bowl in 1999. I don’t know much about the Rams but apparently they are still kicking.
The city is also the birthplace of corkball. Ha! I just found that out. And is one of the few cities with a Corkball league. In case you don’t know, Corkball is a “mini-baseball” game featuring a 1.6-oz. ball and bat with a barrel that just 1.5″ across.
St. Louis has long had a reputation as being one of America’s soccer hotbeds, and is home to what is arguably the richest soccer history in the nation, despite not hosting a Major League Soccer franchise. The Saint Louis University men’s soccer team has made 16 NCAA Final Four appearances and has won 10 national championships. The team consistently ranks in the Top 10 of all Division I soccer teams in attendance. Every U.S. team in World Cup history has included at least one St. Louisan on its roster, and 29 St. Louisans have been inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Pretty impressive! StL also has 10 Minor League teams; including baseball, women’s football, soccer, women’s roller derby, basketball and rugby. Not to mention all of the Prep and College teams.
Now Savannah has a Minor league baseball team called the Sand Gnats. For real. They have a Women’s roller derby team also. But that might be it. Not to mention all of the Prep and College teams, of course. Again, there’s no comparison.

There is other things too… Both places has it’s share of bugs like roaches and mosquitoes and Savanah wins the cake on that one. It’s a close call but the little creatures must love the South more.
St Louis appears to be more green, both meanings of the word. Everything seems to be more of the color green outside; leaves, grass and all. And everyone here seems to recycle and are more environmentally conscious then I have seen anywhere else.
St Louisians seem more religious, more money conscious and less prejudice. But Savannahians are more laid back and relaxed. They go a bit slower and are not as busy. They carry more guns and like the dirt more. But none of this is probably a surprise.

Just to be fair and to put this in perspective…. The population in the city of Savh is 144,352 and it’s 319,294 in StL. But as far as the Metropolitian area goes, StL was ranked the 19th largest in the country and Savh was 142nd. Obviously the two cities can’t compare. But I have always tried to weigh out the pros and cons in my mind to see which place I wanted to live at more. My pros for Savannah is my daughter who lives there, my friends and fresh crab legs. My pros for St Louis is my family, autumn, sporting events, Imos, sledding, festivals, wineries and so many many sites. Maybe I made the right choice.



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