Living in the Southeast


Are you living in the part of the country you want to? If it were up to me and money wasn’t an issue then I would live in a different state. I love the Northeast, I love Texas (doesn’t everyone?) and I love St Louis. I even dream of how nice the Northwest would be. What am I doing living in the southeast? I ask myself that more and more the older I get. There’s so much about living in this area that I don’t care for. This is not the area of the country I should be living.  

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For starters it’s the humid heat. The heat is suffocating. It may be because I’m out of shape, or because I’m older, but then may be  it’s a combination of both. I remember I used to could handle it. But not anymore. Once it starts to get hot outside I now go into hibernation. I begin the countdown waiting until the fall. Unfortunately Savannah has two seasons; smoldering hot and a chili Autumn. Thats it. Really. 
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Then there’s the bugs. My God, do we have bugs! There is lizards, cockroaches,  sand gnats, mosquitoes, flies, bees, Beatles and more. The gnats are the worst for me. It bothers me more than most people I know. Sand Gnats is actually the name of Savannah’s minor league baseball team.  Seriously. You know that’s a bad sign. The bugs are so much worse than when I lived in the Midwest. 
Most people I know that live in this area enjoy it here because of the beach. I do enjoy the view at the beach and also like the sound of the waves. There is probably nothing more peaceful or relaxing then staring out into the ocean. But what I don’t like is sand. I can’t stand it. I don’t like it under my feet, blowing in my face or in the crack of my ass. It gets in your beach bag, on your towel and in your car. There’s no way of getting around it. Now if I were to live in a nice place overlooking the ocean with the waves crashing into some big huge rocks that would be perfect. But that’s not Savannah. 

The reasons I DO live here are very simple. My one and only daughter lives here. And the other reason is my fella. He too, lives here. They both are my lifelines and support. I do love the city here; the size of it and the people. I have many friends here and have a job here. The southern food is so delicious and I love our accents too. People really are friendlier here and things just go at a slower pace. I like being in the bible belt and having so many people with conservative views around me. It’s not all bad. But…. If my daughter and Paul did not live here then I know I definitely wouldn’t be either. Where would you go??



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  1. Anonymous

    Great rant, Nanette. Clever, funny and entertaining. Made me laugh out loud- all the way in St Louis!


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