I would love to track my father’s ancestery. But what do you do when all the parties involved are deceased? How do you know if the information you’re tracking is accurate if they have very common names? My father was born in 1918 and his sister was older. Both have passed and obviously their parents have too. I just hate that I didn’t grill my dad with tons of questions when he was around. I should have gotten dates, times and places. That is probably my life’s biggest regret.

I tried the whole thing and it’s really hard to tell if it’s them with no proof. I don’t want to start to track someone and then I would be following the wrong John Smith. Ya know? My grandmother was an immigrant, which makes the search that much harder.

Now my mother’s family is easy to track and I have a lot of living relatives from that side. But I’ve always heard about that side of the family so there’s nothing on that side that makes me curious. My mother talked a lot about her past with memories, names and places. I like looking back on it but it doesn’t drive me with passion to search it all out like my dad’s.

It’s my dad’s family that I’m dying to know about and it’s not because I think they might be royalty or rich or anything like that. I don’t care if she was just a slave or dirt poor. I just want to know. I have only seen 2 pictures of my grandmother, I think. And maybe 1 of my grandfather. I have no idea where my grandfather grew up or anything about his side. My grandmother came over to America from Scotland and was born in Ireland. Or was born in Scotland and came here from Ireland. I’m not sure.

I wrote a post on my blog in August of 2012 about my grandmother. Or what I imagined her story was like. Any suggestions on how to hunt these Thomases down? Maybe I should go see a medium and ask. But that’s not really my thing.




  1. Hello Nanette, I found a post researching Brandon Carter and wondered if you could tell me what your experience was with he and his company Solavei which is no longer in business? I’m looking at a company he is affiliated with now and will not join people until I do a lot or background research. THanks in advance, Dani Walker


    • Dani,

      Brandon Carter is very professional and respectable! I trust him. I only know him professionally and can’t say enough nice things about him.


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