Can you die from a toothache???

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I wrote this post almost 3 months ago but never published.

I’m not exactly sure how this post will turn out because I am under the influence of pain medication at this time. I have been having a time with my teeth this year. Somehow and someway I just let my teeth go. Don’t misunderstand me, they are not yellow or grimy looking. They are clean, white and straight. But apparently two of my teeth need root canals. I have been having ungodly toothaches and in terrible pain. Toothaches have to be the worst pain ever. I don’t have the money for a root canal and my dental insurance has reached its yearly allowance. So what to do….

I don’t want to pull them but can’t stay in this pain. If I hurry up and change jobs then I can get new dental insurance. Or maybe I can date a Endodontist. I could cash out some of my retirement or sell my only car. Ok, ok, I’m not really going to do any of those suggestions. So I guess my real options are to have both bad teeth pulled, go to the clinic in the hood or bear with the pain until I save up enough for 2 root canals. Life sucks. It’s never easy and something always comes along to trip us up. I will never be rich so I need to brace myself for more and more financial burdens to be thrown my way.

Well, since I originally wrote this I have been under an Endodontist care. I have so far spared my teeth. Whewwww. I DID however change jobs and got new dental insurance so it will include a root canal. It’s weird how the older we get then more and more of our health seems to slowly fall apart. I could have prevented this but got very complacent. Since this occurred I have become obsessed with flossing my teeth. Really. I cannot eat a thing without flossing afterwards. And if I have a sweet tea to drink or any kind of soft drink then I want to run brush my teeth afterwards to rinse the sugar off of my teeth. I wish I would have started this behavior 10 years ago. Oh well. We live and learn.


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  1. Susie

    Funny but I can seriously, FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I have had bout 12 root cab=nals and I have never let my teeth go–so don’t beat yourself up over neglecting your teeth….must be a family issue!!


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