2013’s list of my 10 favorite things

I did a post over a year ago titled 10 of my favorite things. Well this post is going to list my current passions. Maybe I’ll do like Oprah and have a list for each year. Too bad I don’t have anything to give away. Maybe people would read my blog if I did. I love my lists.

1. Matrix Biolage Keratin Dose is a spray on leave in hair conditioner. This has saved me so much time in the mornings. And My hair has never been softer since I have started using this! I have tried other spray in conditioners but they are not anything like this one. Trust me, this is the best one out there!


2. Bath & Body Works Wallflower Fragrance Bulb with Sweet Pea Scent. Well Sweet Pea is my favorite not sure if it’s yours. My entire apartment smells of this incredible fragrance and I know I should have bought several more replacements.  I think you can get 4 for $20. I can’t describe the scent but I think most people know what it smells like.


3. Brita filtered bottle – By reducing the taste and odor of Chlorine, Brita® filters transform tap water into great-tasting drinking water. I have spent so much money on bottled waters. This saves me a ton. You only need to change the filter every 2 months. Now I can just fill my water bottle at any faucet and it tastes great. Lately I have been filling it with ice and letting it slowly melt down.
images (2)

4. Grandma’s Vanilla Sandwich Cookies! Oh my Lord these are good. I have found these in the vending machine @ work and am now hooked. I get the minis and believe these are the best little vanilla cookies out there. Not good if your dieting though, unless you eat just one. Ha!

images (1)

5. Monograms. I am totally into monograming this year. There’s so many things on my wish list that is monogrammed.


6. Prilosec. Over the counter one,  not the prescription. For some reason, the prescription (which may be the exact same thing) doesn’t work for me at all. I feel like I would be dead without it. And wouldn’t you know it but the OTC one is more expensive.


7. Mary Kay liquid black eyeliner. No explanation needed.

images (1)

8. Downton Abbey…. Yes, I wrote a whole post on my blog on this. Now just counting down the days until the next season starts. 7 more days to be exact. I don’t know anyone that watched it that didn’t fall completely in love with it.


9. The Do Not Disturb option on my iPhone settings. Yes! Most people use it for when they sleep. I use it during the day. And at night…

download (1)

10. Candy Cane Thrill blizzard (or milkshake) from DQ. It screams my name. I love it!!



Whats your favorite things for 2013. I could go on and on but am limiting myself to 10 on here.


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