My New Home


I have finally moved! I could not be happier. Really. I have been so grateful to Paul and Kari for opening their homes to me. But there is nothing like being in your own space. It’s been a long time coming but this place has made it worth the wait. I could not have found a more perfect place for me to rest my head at night. I am very picky and its checks off every one of my requirements.

My drive is only 30 minutes to work, 40 minutes to Paul’s and 40 minutes to Kari’s. I have a pharmacy and grocery store right across the street, in addition to lots of other businesses. The location is safe and clean. I guess they always say location, location, location is the key and I believe it. I have never lived in this county before and don’t know many people in the area but I am up for the change.


I am living in a gated community with all the amenities. There’s the pool, 24 hr gym, car wash station and more. The staff here really do an outstanding job of customer service and they try to take care of everything for you including changing your light bulbs, your air filters and more! I have a great upstairs apartment with a screened in balcony and plenty of closet space. My place looks brand new. The peace and quiet of living all alone again is so refreshing.

I’m not sure how long I will be this fortunate but I will appreciate every day spent here. I know all too well how easy it is to lose it all. This is the happiest I have been in my life in many many years. Finally having a place to call home has given me a sense of stability. I have found a new church home and getting situated with my new job. Everything seems to be falling into place.


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