Biggest Loser Open Casting Call…fail


Well today sucked. But no one can say I didn’t try. Here, let me explain…..  I applied on-line to be on NBC’s The Biggest Loser Season 15 about 6 months ago, maybe even longer than that. I finally heard back from them on April 22nd. They suggested I show up in person @ the Open Casting Call today in Charleston if I was still interested. I have really been wanting to do this. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to lose weight and compete to win $250,000. About a week ago, a friend from work mentioned she and another girl were planning on going to it also and suggested we all go together. That made my day. Whewwww, I won’t have to face it all alone.

On April 30th I received an email from The Biggest Loser Casting Group offering me a ‘cut the line’ pass. This email entitled me and one friend a spot at the front of the line at the Charleston casting call.  It gave instructions on exactly what time they expected me and where to go. But, about two days ago, I was advised that one of the girls probably was going to bail on the trip. That was okay though. There will still be two of us going and we’ll still be in good shape (no pun intended). We got together last night to sort out all of our plans. All is good. We made a couple of videos together and I printed out some pictures they have requested. I stayed at my daughter’s house last night and went to bed at a decent hour but between my nerves and the fact that I work straight nights, I tossed and turned all night.

This is my before weight gain and after pic

This is my before weight gain and after pic

I got up bright and early this morning to the sound of pouring down rain and a throbbing headache. I was still excited though. I took extra care in getting ready and fixing my hair, ya know you gotta look nice for the cameras. I knew I had to get out the door by 930am in order to pick my friend up on the way and was running right on schedule. As I was putting the final touches on my make up and spraying down my hair for the last time, I glanced at my phone and noticed a text message. It was from my friend telling me that she had to cancel. Oh nooooooooooo! I panicked for a second. Not sure I could mentally do this on my own. Being unsuccessful with finding a replacement ride along, I decided to buck up and just do it on my own. Yep, all by myself. A few tears later and I was driving off into the clouds and rain.

Along the way there, my bad luck seemed to hang with me. I had to unexpectantly slam on the brakes and my purse flew to the floor and all the contents being dumped all over. Lovely! It was just one thing after another. My gps wouldn’t work so I had to use the navigation on my phone and my shoes were killing my feet. What in the world is going on?! Finally made it there 2 and a half hours later, parked in the garage and proceeded to the crazy line that wrapped around the building. You would think American Idol was in town. After standing in line for a few minutes I remember my ‘head of the line’ pass. I asked a girl in front of me if everyone got one and she had never heard of it. So, I ditched the line and headed for the entrance of the building. What do you know, the damn pass worked! Something is actually going my way. Shocker! Once inside a staff member had me fill out a form and collected one of my pictures. I was then put at a long table with about ten other applicants and one staff member. She interviewed all of us at once. We each got about 30 seconds to a minute to tell our story.

photo (2)

I am not shy and never hold back. But when the lady called on me to speak I all of a sudden got nervous and could not even remember my age. Really. All the others at my table were smooth. They almost all had a super dramatic story to tell. Their kid was dying of cancer or they had been homeless at one time or their husband used to beat them. Jeez. Then I said I live in Georgia and I’m a dispatcher. Hahaha. That’s almost all I could think of. Some of the others even broke into tears. I wanted to scream out, “Liar”. Why didn’t I cry? I never sounded so plain and normal in my whole life. And before I knew it the interview was over.

photo (1)

Feeling like a failure and still milking my headache, I made my way to the parking garage to retrieve my car as I craved IHOP pancakes. And there I find someone parked so close to my car I could not even squeeze between their car and mine to get in. I’m surprised I don’t have a flat tire. Somehow someway I managed to get into my car and leave. Reset the navigation on my phone to my home address this time and not my daughter’s, I started my longer drive home in the rain. But this time the phone gps took me all back woods and even down dirt roads. I thought my car was going to get stuck in the mud at one point. Today just wasn’t my day. I obviously know I won’t be picked for this reality show. I will just have to keep on keepin on with my weight loss journey on my own. I have lost 26.6 lbs all by myself over the last 5 months. I can do this!



  1. You can do it yourself for sure keep plugging away at losing weight one step at a time. Your doing great already. Sorry your day went badly but that means tomorrows even brighter. Keep up the great work.


  2. Anonymous

    Wait, I am still trying to get past you being tongue tied……ok, working on it, still trying to understand that concept….working…OK, I am there.
    So first;
    WOW! kudo’s to you cuz for getting through this all! I am VERY VERY VERY proud of how you took the reins and ran (no pun intended) with this opportunity! 🙂
    As for you being selected, you NEVER know what they are looking for Nanette! I am going to pray that you do get selected because you are such an inspiration to so many already….and I know you could use that cash to go travel with me…..around the world!! Love you!!!!!


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