My top 10 reasons why I do not work ON an ambulance….



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I have worked in Public Safety for over 12 years. I’m a dispatcher and have been with several different agencies. I have dispatched Police, Deputy Sheriffs, Ambulances, Helicopters and Fire Depts, among others. Over the years people have asked me if I would ever consider working the street as an EMT or paramedic. Well the answer is no and always has been. Nothing about patient care appeals to me. I admire and respect those who can do it but I am not one. If it is your calling then I do think you will get a great sense of accomplishment from it.

Here is just some reasons on why I choose not to work on an ambulance……

* I do not like the sound of cockroaches crackling under my feet as I walk thru a strangers living room.

* Sitting in a cramped space in the back of an ambulance caring for a homeless man who has bugs and crumbs in his beard with a really bad stench in the middle of the summer is not my idea of a good time.

* Scheduled to work a 24 hr shift and after running calls all day, finally laying down and dozing into a nice sleep and the tones go off and have to jump up and run out the door to another call. No snooze button.

* Running a call in the pouring rain to go to meet with the police on the side of the road so they can have you check out an extremely intoxicated person who was driving and is now spitting in your face while talking too loud.

* Being puked on, bled on, taking care of someone with very bad diarrhea and seeing other bodily fluids is not a career I dream of.

* Running a 911 call to a patient that is having a minor issue like a cold that could be handled in a doctor’s office.

* Getting paid the same amount that someone in Wal-Mart gets while saving someones life.

* Being exposed to a variety of blood-borne infectious diseases and illnesses.

* Dealing with death of the very young, child abuse or rapes face to face.

* Having to lift very large obese patients that eventually over time cause havoc on your back and legs.


There’s many more but I will stop at ten. You get the point. It is not a job for just anyone. I admire, respect and love soooooo many that do this for a living. I am not slamming them by any means. Just stressing the reasons on why it’s not for me.


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  1. Anonymous

    Good one, Nanette! I am SOOOOOOO with you!
    It is important to add:
    I admire the wonderful people who find it in their hearts, body and soul to think that doing this for the rest of us, is a good idea! Thank you very much, for your bravery and self sacrifice!


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