I’ve been bitten


Yes, I’ve been bitten by the running bug. It is addicting. I am behind on my recorded TV shows, catching up with my cousin and everything else because I have been all consumed with completing my C25K app. I dream now of being a runner. I am slow though. Very slow. But continuing on. I have lost 14.4 lbs. I still cramp when running, but its way better than it was at the beginning. I still forget sometimes to stretch and currently working on breathing techniques.


According to Livestrong.com, Getting the most out of your jogging sessions involves more than building leg strength, picking a good path and buying the right shoes. Proper breathing also plays a vital role in how successful your jogging experience is. By learning breathing techniques to use while running, you can improve your speed and potentially increase your pace with little effort.

Some people recommend at the beginning to breathe in and out on the same foot.  So, for example, bring your right foot forward, take a breath in, the next time you bring your right foot forward, exhale. And then after running for a while and getting that one down then most switch over to the 3-2, 3 breaths in, 2 out.  And then every once in a while exhale big time to get all air out and then take a huge breath in and then resume.

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The girl who started me out jogging does 2-1; 2 small breaths in and one slow out. Breathing a specific way is a lot harder than it seems. But regardless of however you breathe, The most important thing, as others have mentioned, is breathing deep.  Avoid rapid shallow breathing, as it doesn’t turnover the air in your lungs sufficiently to replenish the oxygen you’re using.


I have had to try out 4 different earphones to find the ones I like best. I got new running shoes and an armband to hold my ipod and keys. I am trying to do whatever I can to make this running thing possible. With me it’s all trial and error. Thanks to the ones jogging with me like Stephanie, Amanda, Joan and Angel. Everyone has been so patient with me.



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