Success is not a race, be patient.


This whole changing my eating habits plan is way way harder than anything I have ever done. I think this is more challenging for some than others. Some have a weakness with alcohol, some drugs, some cigarettes, some sex. Well my weakness is definitely food. I am probably an addict. I feel like I have a sickness. This has been total torture. I am NOT dieting. I am not doing the shakes or pills. I am just trying to eat right. Eating right for me is small portions, more often and healthy foods.

I am exercising almost daily. I enjoy that. I am slow and don’t last terribly long, yet, but I am consistent. One problem I notice with working out is that my appetite increases. And the more I exercise the more leg cramps I get.   My struggle is with food. I am already sick of salad and chicken and water. I have noticed that my downfall through this whole thing has been not pre-planning my meals and giving in to convenience. I am trying to cut back or cut out breads, butter, mayo, sweets and absolutely NO soft drinks. I have stood on a number of different scales over the last two weeks and they all read something different. I am going with the one with the biggest weight loss which is 9 pounds so far.


My goal now is not to lose a certain amount (but 100 lbs would be nice), it’s to keep going. I have a history of quitting. I’m a commitment-phobe I guess. So all I want is to not stop. To keep this going even if I mess up. To restart over and over again, no matter what. As I continue on this venture I have begun to learn a lot about myself. Most of it is not good though. This change has nothing to do with my age or a New Years Resolution or any kind of fad. I am tired of being tired and fat. Its exhausting and embarrassing. So please keep the prayers coming at me and hope I push away from the table more.




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