I prize the privilege of being alone –Carl Rogers

I am a loner. I crave my quiet time by myself. But I don’t think I have the personality of a typical loner. I am not independent, like I think most of them are.  I am a people person who loves life. I cannot explain it. I have been this way for many years. I first remember craving the alone time in my late twenties. I have been this way ever since. I hate talking on a phone, always have. If it were up to me then I would turn off the phones when I walked in the door. But I don’t because you never know when a love one needs me. Sometimes I can spend hours and hours at home alone with no TV and no radio, nothing but silence. And that to me can be the most peaceful time ever.

The shocking thing to me is that I am an extrovert and I am supposed to be with people.  That is my nature, I just know it is. I love to be the life of the party. I am loud. I just don’t fit the mold of being an introvert either.  I wonder how a therapist would describe me. I know very few loners so I don’t have much to compare it to. Pablo Picasso once said Without great solitude no serious work is possible. I can understand that.

I also read that The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone—that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born. –Nikola Tesla, quoted in Thomas P. Hughes’s American Genesis: A Century of Invention and Technological Enthusiasm.  That is awesome!

Growing up I always thought of loners as those mountain men that move up to a cabin in the woods or people with mental illness or people extremely shy. Well, I am none of those. I am outgoing and fun, laugh a lot and sometimes too loud. I prefer the isolation, at least most of the time. There is those few instances where company is nice. It just doesn’t happen very often. I guess I am just strange.


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