Those things that hurt the most

I sometimes wish I was hard and tough and didn’t have tear ducts in my eyes. But I do. I can hold my own for the most part. But on occasion there are those times when the people who you are closest to hurt your feelings. And man oh man, that’s the things that hurt the worst.

For starters, there is your work. For most of us, we pour our blood, sweat and tears into our job. You want to do your best. But when someone comes along and is harsh and very critical it can sometimes catch you off guard. Crying at work is the worst. The harder you try not to makes it harder to dry up. Being reprimanded for something you have poured your heart into can be a blow. My goal on my job, every single job, is to never wear my feelings on my sleeve. Otherwise, it’s a sign of weakness and unprofessional.

Family disputes hurt usually to the core because it’s involving people who have known you your whole life. Normally you can’t run and you can’t hide. In most cases you can’t quit them like you can a job and you can’t break up with them. It’s like your stuck.

Significant others; spouses or lovers can be tough on our mental beings too. Unintentionally we tend to vent to those closest to us. We use our loved ones as sounding boards. We snip, snap and tend to take out the worst on them. It’s easy to do since it is who we see the most and we are unguarded when we are home with them. Just remember that so you in turn will be patient and understanding back.

So in my opinion, the things that hurt the most are family, significant others and careers. Keep this in mind when dealing with others. Speak softly, it calms the other person down. Lose the sarcasm and be sincere. Always compliment first before giving negative feedback. It pays off in the end.


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  1. I found something similar elsewhere and really found it entertaining. Some more of this please! Thank you


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