My Current Distractions

I have been a bit slack on my blogging this week. But I have an excuse. I have been distracted with a few things lately and I just don’t multitask very well. One of the things I have been interested in this week is a new website a co-worker introduced me to. Its Love love love it! As they say, It’s ridiculously easy to do. They, meaning the people. They send you friendly emails asking how’d your day go. You reply and write as much as you want – that’s it! You end up with a really neat collection of your life stories. You have to admit that is kind of cool. I wish I would have thought of creating  that.

Besides working (of course) my evenings have been busy keeping up with the Cardinals. Yes, the St Louis Cardinals. They are in the playoffs right now. They have been playing San Francisco Giants this week. If they win one more game then they go to the World Series [again] to play against Detroit. Whoop whoop. I’m a huge Cards fan but only really get into it in the post-season. I know that is kind of cheating.

Then there is the book I’m reading. Or should I say racing my friend Jim with. We both are reading it but we challenge each other along through it. I’m winning, by the way. The book is called, “World Without End”. It’s the sequel to Pillars of the Earth. Man oh man is it graphic in some areas. It takes place in the 1300’s. I never usually get into old books or even Shakespeare kind of things but this one doesn’t use old language and is super easy to read. It is fascinating as hell looking at the way things were done back then. Anyway, since Jim and I are basically in a race and it’s one long ass book, I haven’t been able to blog too much.

Well it’s off to the dentist and then home. First time being home since Monday.  Can’t wait to see my bed. I hope you all have a great weekend. I know I will.


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  1. Susie

    You have a lot going on these days!!! All sounds fun –with the exception of the dentist!


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