What’s in your purse….

My cousin told me once that the condition of the inside of your purse determine how your life is. Or something like that. You know, if its clean and neat then your probably current with your bills and content with your life. But if it’s a dump and unorganized then your probably behind with your finances and your life is probably a bit chaotic.

Purse, pocketbook, handbag or whatever you call yours. Growing up in St Louis I always referred to it as a purse. But once I moved to the South, everyone was calling them pocketbooks.  Contents in ones purse is very personal. I think prying through someone else’s (even a spouse) is very invasive. That’s someplace you just shouldn’t go unless invited. Some people carry their journals, tampons, private notes or contraceptives. It’s so much more than a man’s wallet.  You’ll sometimes find jewelry, make up and even food.

Sometimes my purse is clean and orderly, sometimes not. I think the contents of your purse tell a lot about you. My ingredients usually remain the same. Let me share with you my inventory that I carry with me in mine… Wallet, Reading glasses, Pocket mirror, 3 different kinds of eye liner, mascara, chap sticks, medicine case,  hair brush, cell phone charger, lotion, earrings, keys, pocket calendar, cell phone, pen and sometimes my gun. Now if you were to ask my daughter, her list would include (this is my guess) heels, make up, hair brush, change, wallet, jewelry, keys, book, fashion scarf, sunglasses, pony tail holder, pens, ticket stubs, fingernail file, umbrella, calculator, hanger and probably about 25 more pounds of stuff. Just kidding Kari. I really don’t know whats in her bag since I have never been in it. But I have lifted it and it is heavy enough to cause a back injury. Share with me your purse ingredients…



  1. Susie

    In my close group of friends, we always tease our NY member about saying “pocket book”. To me it is a very old fashioned word. Like saying “divan” instead of “sofa” or “couch”. Mine purse is on the small side but overflowing. I find the larger size I get–the more I seem to “nned” to carry!
    Q: What is my favorite “bag” of all time?
    A: Mary Poppins carpet bag–all that cool stuff kept coming out of it. I was so amazed watch that happen on the movie screen. Here it is, 50 years later and I still hold out hope to someday find a magical bag like she had in that movie!!


    • by Nanette

      hahahaha. Mary Poppins did have a cool bag.


  2. Mother, you were very close. Actually, I often refer to my purse as ‘my Mary Poppins bag’. I carry EVERYTHING I (or anyone else) may need. You never know what could happen! As long as I have my purse, I can be referred to as a nurse, a makeup artist, a journalist (thanks to all the notes I write myself, then just shove them in my purse and find them a week too late), a hair stylist, a local tour guide, snack bar, the list goes on… I have more than nic-nacs and snacks than the Indian man that runs the corner store! I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse!
    I guess this doesn’t reflect well on how in order my life is..


    • Kari, I’m glad to see you come prepared. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Susie

    HAA!! The song , “…knick, knack, paddy whack, give your dog a bone..”.was playing in my head as I read your comment, Kari!! Loved the reply!! I am hangin’ with you giurl!


  4. Also, attempt to find a purse that has the zipper within your eyesight – not one that is behind you. Having a purse with a zipper in the back will make it easier for some one behind you to unzip your purse and make off with its contents. Take your purse across your chest.


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