My trip to Jordan




I know I touched on this a little on my post “If Money Were No Object” on July 29th but now I really want to tell you about my trip. I’m going to try to input some photos from my trip all through this blog but not sure how that will turn out. Ya know, I’m still new to the blogging thing. Anyway….I loved the country of Jordan. It was amazing. I wasn’t expecting to like it. It was clean and rich, my two favorite things. LOL.The Middle East was my least favorite place EVER to imagine going to but am so glad I reluctantly agreed to go.  I left NYC on March 12, 2009 from JFK Airport for Amman, Jordan with a layover in Cairo, Egypt. We were flying EgyptAir on a Airbus, the biggest plane I have ever been on. This was my first   overseas trip so I was pretty pumped up. The flight was long, really long. We landed in Cairo first and that is when it all became real for me. It was actually a little scary. Scary because we were basically at their mercy. In my mind anyway. We were all so tired from a long flight and then we had a long layover so the airlines treated us to lunch and a quick little drive thru tour of Cairo. I could

lunch in Cairo

not stand the lunch. Everyone else seemed please. I am so picky when it comes to food, I am amazed that I ate at all the whole trip. Finally we were able to load up and go again and head to Jordan.

We landed @ Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan pretty late. By the time we got our luggage, went through customs and shuttled to  Century Park Hotel it was after midnight. That makes for a long day. I got to my room, showered and went to bed because my shuttle was picking me up there in about 5 hours. The next morning as I was hurrying trying to get ready I made sure I got out my adapter for my curling iron to plug-in. In no time at all, the curling iron began to smoke and was really hot, hotter than normal. I thought it was strange but went on about my way anyway. But when I curled my hair I saw smoke and I think a little bit of a flame and the end of the rod was melting. I pulled the curling iron out of my hair and noticed I had singed my hair and there was lots of smoke. No one told me that I needed a converter too.

Susie & I having lunch in Jordan

A big bus (like a Greyhound bus) picked us up from the hotel early and headed towards Petra. I had no idea what or where Petra was. Petra was established in 312 BC and the entire place is carved out of stone, like the buildings, temples and houses. There have been several movies filmed there like,  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Arabian Nights, Passion in the Desert, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.   It was recreated for the video games Spy Hunter (2001), King’s Quest V, Lego Indiana Jones, Sonic Unleashed and Civilization V and appeared    in the novels Left Behind, Appointment with Death, The Eagle in the Sand and The Red Sea Sharks, the nineteenth book in The Adventures of Tintin series. It featured prominently in the Marcus DidiusFalco mystery novel Last Act in Palmyra.  I have never seen or heard of most of those. LOL. But anyway, there is a whole lot of walking there. We walked. And walked. And walked. In addition, I rode a camel, donkey and a horse. The men there love blondes and I was hit on lots. But I don’t believe anyone in the country has ever been to a dentist so as much as it was flattering it was way gross too.

We stayed at a hotel not far from Petra at a place called Beit Zaman Hotel located in Wadi Mousa. This was the most unusual looking hotel I’ve ever seen. The weather was nice and cool in the evening and warm in the day. We had dinner at the hotel and were able to catch our breath for the first time. I drank a little too much @ dinner but it was nice to cut loose.

But then it was go, go, go as soon as we woke up. We loaded back up on the big bus and traveled The Kings Road and visited Mount Nebo, the reputed burial site of Moses, overlooking the Dead Sea. We visited the mosaic city of Madaba, where the ancient map of the Holy Land is set into the floor of St George’s Church. Then finally arrived back in Amman.

The next day we took a city tour of Amman. We went to museums  the Citadel, the Roman Amphitheater,  the souks (shopping) and the city’s modern district. Then we flew out that evening to Cairo to enjoy a vacation in Egypt.  I am so glad I went. The people of Jordan were so kind and pretty. It was a once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget.





  1. Susie

    Nanette, what fun this entry was to read!! It was like reliving the entire trip–so much to fun, excitement and laughs. Made me smile! Thanks for writing it. Gave me the opportunity to jog my own recollections of our fabulous trip!! One for the record books!


    • Thanks Susie for bringing me along with you on this life changing event for me.


  2. tina

    hey roomie,
    thanks for sharing. this trip was one of my all time favorite! so many new and unusual experiences. so glad we were able to share this memory and to susie for bringing it about.


    • I will eventually do one on our Egypt part of the trip too. Glad I got to know you and share a room with you.


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