If you could talk to your 13 yr old self, you’d say…

Dear Nanette,

I know your only 13 yrs old but there is some things I need to tell you. For starters, life is not fair. Not only is it not fair, but it sucks. You will cry way more than you should. You start high school next year and you don’t need to treat it like a party. You should actually pay attention and focus on your studies even if you don’t want to. Don’t worry if the popular girls don’t like you, they are not good friends anyway. Parties are over rated and you’ll have plenty of time for that in college. So don’t try to experiment with everything while in high school. Study, Laugh and be nice to everyone.

While in high school start thinking about your credit report. I know you believe you are too young for that. But you’re not. It is never too soon. Start saving every penny you get, literally. I cannot stress enough how important this will be for you later on in life. Even if you’re not ready to work then start saving your allowances and gift money.

Your going to have to have braces on your teeth in high school. You wear them well. Don’t stop the treatment there. Keep up with brushing and flossing like a mad person. Be that girl that carries her toothbrush and toothpaste with her everywhere. And exercise. You exercise now and a lot. And that’s good. But join a team of anything that moves when your out of school. Jog, walk, play tennis something but being active as an adult will set a pace for when your old. If you don’t follow these steps exactly then you will end up broke, fat and have no teeth before you  turn 50.

Yes, 50 does seem really really old right now but believe me it’s not. You love life and don’t let anyone discourage you from your bubbly personality. If there’s nothing else you can remember from this then just remember FLOSS AND SAVE! You’ll be ok. God has your back. I love you and you are beautiful!


44 yr old Nanette



  1. Susan

    Dear 44yr old Nanette, You are beautiful!
    Love ya, Susan


  2. Susie

    That was powerful, Nanette. I really liked not only the clever topic but also, the format you utilized to convey the thoughts.
    If I could speak to my 13 years old self, I would say; lighten up–have more fun but still work hard and do your very best work –no matter what the job entails. Smile, because people like people who smile. Most important; I would tell her to really value herself–embrace who she is and her special place in this wacky, wonderful world. To keep in mind that even though not everyone likes her—it is OK because she is unique and valuable. To be herself –and then lean in to the strong/powerful person that the good Lord so kindly made her to be!
    If she will do all of this–then she will need to grab on tight, becasue her life is going to be one truly amazing ride!


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