Oh, Susie Q…Oh, Susie Q…Oh, Susie Q…How I love you My Susie Q


This has been a post in the works for a while. I am publishing this one today in honor of my cousin, Susie’s birthday. The picture you see above is Susie, my daughter and I in Missouri when we went ziplining. Susie has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Though its only been over the past ten years or so that we have had a relationship that has gotten very close. Her mother and mine are sisters. Both of my parents thought very high of Susie and loved her entertaining personality. She was the flower girl in their wedding. So I guess it’s only natural for her to be such a huge part of my life.

Susie is an independent woman in every meaning of the word. Great goodness, she takes it to a whole different level. In fact, I have never met anyone like her before and I am sure I never will. She can change a tire, change the oil, and build the whole damn motor. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. She can drink with the big boys and cry with the girls. But if someone were to get in her way —- HA! You better run like hell.

She is so go-get em that you almost get dizzy with her motivation. Seriously. If you needed help getting a job or passing a test then she will help you write a letter to the owner of the company or help you study it backwards and forwards until you got it down. She never gives up. NEVER! She will write a letter to the editor in a flash if she sees injustice being done. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no Mother Teresa, more like Queen Latifah.

I believe Susie’s biggest accomplishment or talent is the art of penny-pinching. And I mean that in a good way. She is the ultimate frugal lady. She has mastered it without the help of Dave Ramsey. She can cut cost of absolutely anything and debate that cost with someone offering her something for free and walk away with an additional gift. Laugh if you will, but she gets it done.

A fun mom and grandmother, Susie is always on the go. When she is not working her ass off with her career or her home then you will find her flying to countries all over the world. She has been in countries I have never heard of and of course all of the ones I have heard of. She’s vacationed on every continent, even Antarctica. It is because of Susie that I caught the travel bug. I joined Susie on a trip to Egypt and Jordan. One of the highlights of my life.

Susie has taught me a lot. She’s been there for me as we have laughed and cried. She’s accepted my flaws and helped me overcome so much in my life. I hope everyone has a chance to have a “Susie Q” in their life. It’s been amazing knowing there is always someone there to rely on. Happy Birthday Susie, I love you….

In Petra, Jordan



  1. Susie

    AWWWW!! Nanette–how very sweet! What a really nice thing to do for my birthday surprise! I really loved what you write and especially the Mother T vs Queen L comparison. SO FUNNY and TRUE!! I am grateful & appreciate having you in my life, as well! LOVE YOU!
    Also, a Happy 53rd Anniversary to my Favorite Aunt and Uncle–your wonderful parents!! ❤


    • I hate that you had to work on your birthday and were busy all day. Love you!


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