My final Solavei Review

So, I am disappointed to say that the new Solavei phone service did not work for me. But I tried my hardest to get it to. I actually tried longer than I should have. What a let down. But I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t pick up service at my house. For now I will just have to continue using my Alltel service which usually gets a signal at my house, just doesn’t ring often and not always clear.

As far as the Solavei plan, I am a fan. $49/ a month for unlimited talk, text and web with no contract and you get a commission [so to speak] for everyone you refer to them. They also have great a networking website. It is similar to Twitter the way that everyone can comment on a never-ending scroll. It will also send cutesy updates to your social networks of how much money you have earned since signing up, without actually having worked. Their smart phones are top-notch and current. iPhone’s and droids are compatible, in addition to others. BUT one huge downfall is that Blackberry’s are not. Not sure why.

I considered continuing the service and just having this as a second phone. A phone that I would just use in Savannah or basically everywhere else but my house. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having a cost saving phone? It’s not really my style to be one of those people who walk around with two phones. The customer service reps were nice but the one person in the company that deserves acknowledgement is Brandon Carter.  He is one of the original founders of Solavei. When he first reached out to me he went above and beyond trying to win me over as a satisfied customer. He continued to keep the lines of communication open while I was going through my traumatic experience. Just kidding, it wasn’t traumatic, just nerve wrecking. Brandon was kind and patient and supportive. It’s too bad that I cannot be in his down line.

The moral of the story is give Solavei a shot if you live in a T-Mobile service area. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. And good luck to Brandon Carter on this business venture and thanks for your help.


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  1. Susie

    Just goes to show you— if you have a company–just taking the time and effort to provide good customer service is a marketing tool, in and of itself!! Here you have a perfect example–even when the product failed to provide the agreed upon result, Nanette–the customer was still provided excellent CS!! As a result, even though you are leaving the company/service behind- Brandons’ extra effort still provided a “good result” for the company!! As a happy former customer, you are posting a good review on this company– resulting in positive spin!!
    It is worth the extra effort to be customer friendly!! Well done, Solavei and Brandon!!


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