My non-traditional lifestyle

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Joshua. I am going to put more thought and more time in this particular one than I have with the previous ones. I also am going to increase my word count.


I have never been one to have the so-called normal housewife type of life. Even when I was married. I always have to do things just a little bit differently than others. I am always winging it. You know those that just play it by ear and never really have a plan. Not proud of that. I assumed that by the time I was in my 40’s my life would have some kind of structure and be stable. NOT. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. My life has been comfortable and I have been spoiled way more than I deserve.

Right now I am living out of two places, kind of. I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of years ago after my house got broke into. This was safe and secure. I was nervous about living alone at my previous place in the woods after two intrusions on my home. Paul offered and I accepted. Such a great guy. Anyway, I moved into his spare bedroom and am allowed my private space. I believe the two of us have lived alone for so long that we had come to appreciate our solitary lives. So I have the best of two worlds. I have someone close by but I also don’t have to actually see him if I don’t want. LOL. But the same goes for him. We sort of lead two separate lives. He goes his way and I go mine. Many people might think this is ideal but it definitely has its downside too.

My other place I rest my head at night is with my daughter. She lives in Savannah. She has been so gracious as to offer me a place to stay whenever I have to work in town. So I stay at her place usually 3 days a week and 4 days at Paul’s. I have set up camp in her spare bedroom too. I only do this because I work in Savannah and live with Paul an hour and half away. That’s just too much gas to go back and forth everyday. She has a bed set up for me and has opened her home up and made me feel so comfortable there.

Sometimes I feel so guilty and feel like a burden on both of them. I dream of having my own place again one day and not live out of a suitcase. And I mean literally out of a suitcase. But it’s just not feasible right now in my life. So I will just put one foot in front of the other and just keep trucking along. Do we even have another choice anyway? I don’t think so. All of my belongings from my home (furniture, pictures, kitchen stuff, appliances, everything) have been in a storage unit since I got to Paul’s, over 2 yrs ago. I worry that my stuff is going to be no good after sitting there so long. What if it’s been attacked my moths or roaches or if the heat and cold had ruined it. Ewwww. I’m too scared to even go look. The only things I have seen or used of my own since then has been my bed and my clothes. Crazy!

I am one very lucky girl to have this support around me. I do not take either of them for granted. I also feel forever in their debt. But, like I said, I always assumed I would have been situated and stable by this point in my life. When people ask my address sometimes I’m not sure which one to give them. I feel like a refugee who has been relocated after a hurricane evacuation or something. I do have a system down pat. I duplicated as much as I could. You know like toiletries for both places. I keep a curling iron here and one there. And so on and so forth. You get the idea. It’s so I can cut down on the items I transport back and forth.

See….if you ever think you have it bad or your life is not going as planned then just look around. There are others out there that are just making do with what they have. I don’t consider myself homeless but I guess in a way, I am. Life is not always perfect and accomplished.


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