The Young and the Restless

I have been watching The Young and the Restless for 25 years or so.  I do so enjoy this drama. In fact I could be called an expert on this topic. But it’s become more of an addiction than entertainment. For those of you that have been living under a rock and have no clue what the Young & the Restless is – it’s a daytime soap that has been on the air for 39 years. The show is set in a fictional town called Genoa City, Wisconsin. It’s focused on two core families; the Newmans and the Abbotts, among a lot of others.

There are parts of it that I love. For example, I love watching Nicholas and Cain,  the hottest men on the show. I love how Michael has become a good person, along with Kevin and Chelsea. But I  don’t understand why they allow Daniel, who is pretty gross as he is, to play his part with that nasty hair of his. I also don’t get the casting of Victoria. I think she doesn’t look or act the part at all. She does not measure up.  Watching her makes me still miss the old Victoria (Heather Tom).  And as much as I despise Sharon lately I will admit she is very pretty.  I am pleased with some new characters they brought on board lately, especially Avery Clark and the new Eden.

Can’t they get some new writers? I am so sick of the dead people coming back and the ones who get amnesia over and over.  They need some new story lines. They just beat some story lines into the ground until everyone is so sick of it. For starters, Daisy. Why can’t she just die? And the Victor – Nikki romance, oh please! The Sheila/ Lauren thing still gets brought up regularly. And for God’s sake, please lock Phyllis’s scanky ass in prison!

If I was running the show then I would try to think of some original ideas. I do need to commend Victor, Nikki, Esther, Jack and Catherine for playing their parts for so long. I can’t imagine having the same job that long. I know, I sound like a freak by referring to these people like they are real. Yes, I probably need therapy over this.




  1. Susie

    You can miss two weeks and easily get right back into the stories–on purpose. As I am certain you already are aware, they were created for young Mom’s in the 50’s & 60’s who were pulled away from the TV by screaming children but could keep up with the day to day drama without missing too much. No DVR back then, Sista!! Somehow they never caught onto the more advanced audiances. Too bad. I loved Dark Shadows- used to watch every day after school. My favoriye was “Love is a Many Splendid thing”, back in the day.


    • What the hell is Dark Shadows? I thought it was something that showed up under your eyes after a night of heavy drinking. And never heard of “Love is a Many Splendid thing” either.


      • Susie

        HAAAAA!!! “Dark Shadows is a classic”–all about vampires before you heard about them everyday!! “Love…Thing” is another classic–Donna Mills was in it. Google them–you youngin”, you!


        • Love thing sounds more up my alley but definitely not into the vampires.


  2. Angel

    I’m so sick of Sharon and Nick getting married…I don’t even watch it but I saw it for like 5 sec’s the other day and they were getting married again makes me sick.


    • Actually it was Sharon marrying Victor the other day, her former father in law. But they are now divorced. And the last marriage Nick had was when he married Phyllis again and that was about a couple months ago. And those two are now separated. Ha haha aha.


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