Another shooting?

There has been so many shootings in Savannah this year. What the hell is going on? It seems like there is a shooting everyday here. I don’t remember there being this many on a regular basis in previous years. But I’m sure there was. I probably wasn’t paying as close attention before. Yesterday just two hours after the city of Savannah hosted their annual Safety Palooza event, shots rang out at Daffin Park when a fight broke out between two groups comprised of teens and young adults. I just don’t understand.

Haven’t people figured out yet that shooting someone will cause you to go to prison? I am not talking about defending your self or your home. I’m talking crazy ass gangs and thugs who take it to the streets. I’m talking about all these drive by shootings. Is there no home training anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-gun but I am against idiots with guns. There is a big difference. If all the criminals on the streets of downtown Savannah want to keep running around shooting each other, then fine. Take each other out until there is no more of you fools. But the bad thing is you are wasting our local governments funds of police time and money to investigate each one of these. There is also an ambulance sent and that ties them up too. You greedy self-serving lowlifes!!

Another thing I don’t understand is why can I not find the tally of shootings for this year posted anywhere??? Is it supposed to be a secret? I checked on, and, among a slew of other websites. Nothing current, anywhere. Or else it’s hidden pretty good. By September 2nd of this year I know we had our 16th homicide by shooting. But what is the count now? And what is the count of total shootings, not just deaths. Well anyway, regardless of what the numbers are there are still too many. Its reasons like this that keep people living on the outskirts of town.




  1. Susie

    Sadly, it is not just Savannah! Gang entry to shoot someone….really–nothing better you can think of to do to show you are a man?? How about helping someone?? CRAZINESS!


    • True. Why not a dance off or something. Geez…


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