My pet peeves

I have some pet peeves, as I guess we all do. A pet peeve is something that annoys you. The phrase has been around since 1919. I always thought it was a fairly new slang. From what I have learned, a pet peeve is mostly something that doesn’t bother all, just some. I think it is odd that someone came up with the words ‘pet peeve’. You would think it would be like an abbreviation for annoyance or something. But apparently it comes about because peeve means something that irritates you.

Most of my pet peeves don’t seem to bother others. At least from what I can tell. Here is my list and please tell me if yours are any of the same.

  • People who mispronounce Illinois. Eghhhh! That just drives me up the wall. The S is freaking silent!! Hello! Where were you in Elementary school? I hear people do it all the time. I don’t correct people because that would just be rude. Its pronounced Ill-in-NOY.  Or Websters Dictionary actually has it as, ih-luh-NOY. Same thing.
  • When people misuse the spelling of to, two and too. I know everyone grown HAS to know the difference. Why the hell not use it properly? They look like idiots.
  • When people blow their nose @ the table or in public without stepping away. That is so rude. No one wants to hear all your fluids flying out of your nose.
  • Friends who try to talk to me during a movie. Sorry. But when I am watching a show or movie I like to give it my full attention. People around us don’t like to hear it either. So just hold off until the end.
  • When someone beside your significant other and/ or child take a swallow out of your drink. Its like, forget it, you can just have it now. I may have done that in high school or when I was drunk in my 20’s but I am grown now and that is gross.
  • UNEXPECTED COMPANY. Please don’t just pop up at my house unless you are my child or the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.
  • Visiting someone and they have their TV blaring. Huh? I can’t hear you. Let me show you where the mute button is.
  • People who honk in front of a house instead of getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell. I will ignore you.
  • The sound of too much spit in someone’s mouth when they talk. I always think, can’t they just swallow or something.
  • People who don’t vote and then complain about the results.
  • When you have to go to the bathroom really bad after getting out of the shower and you don’t dry off all the way, making the toilet seat all slippery.

Oh gosh, I didn’t realize I could come up with so many. I just decided to stop because I know I can think of many more.  Are mine common or very unusual? What’s some of yours?



  1. Elaine

    picky little thing aren’t you?


    • Ha ha ha, well how many do you have E? I know probably not many.


  2. Susie

    I AM SO IN AGREEMENT!! All of yours were excellent. Another one for me is–when people start a sentence with “Yes-no”…it is either yes or no folks!! And people who somehow do not get the very clear message that you are busy and continue to tell you this “one more thing”!! Have to say that in my older age–I now just hang up. Oh, sorry, Nanette—-did I tell you that was a bad commection when we lost the call….during my show? Yes, no–it really was that time! 😉


    • Oh, hahahahaha, good one Susie! You actually slammed me and my mom in that comment. LOL. Yes-no, I gotta go…


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