My daytime talk show review

Everybody knows I love my TV shows. With the beginning of the new season of shows, I thought I would check out some daytime talk shows that I have never seen. My first one was the Jeff Probst Show. I assumed it was going to be typical and kind of cheesy. In case you’re not familiar, Jeff Probst is the host and executive producer of “Survivor”.  I’m a huge Survivor fan [shocking] and always thought he was cute. Well lo and behold, I loved it. I only have seen the first one but it was great. I even cried while watching it. He has guests, of course but he also has segments different then other shows. Everyday he picks two random guys out of the audience to sit on stage with him while women in the audience can ask them any questions they want to get a guy’s perspective. Another part of the show he does this thing called, Just Say Yes. Its kinda cool.

My next one to check out was Katie. I just knew this one was going to be good. Even though I don’t like Katie Couric’s views on political issues, I always liked her journalism talent. I only caught the first show of this one also. More of a homework assignment. Disappointingly, this one sucked. She came across as fake and I thought the whole thing was very cheesy. So I guess the expression of Don’t judge a book by the cover applies here.

The Ellen Show is still one of my favorites. I record it everyday. Or at least the new episodes.  She is just so freaking funny. I miss the Bonnie Hunt Show because that was the best talk show I have ever seen. But I guess it got cancelled. I hate The View because of the their slanted beliefs but enjoy The Talk. I guess your either for one or the other. I have never seen Anderson Live but plan to. I’m not interested in checking out the new Ricki Lake Show or the new Live! with Kelly and Michael.

As I was looking at my resources for this blog, I began to realize just how many daytime talk shows there are. There’s way too many. There is the cooking talk shows like Rachel Ray, The Chew and there’s the Doctors and Dr Oz. Geez. Like I said, I only watch one daytime talk show regularly and that’s Ellen. I just wanted to see what all the others were about. So there ya go.



  1. Susie

    I agree, too mant to keep up with, aren’t there?? And several of past host are returning. Like Ricky Lake!! Really seems that Katie is trying too hard. I think it will get better!!


    • You right about Katie. Her might be just beginning nerves and trying to hard. It will improve, I’m sure. And damn, take that talk show away from Maury and Ricki!!!


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