I think I’m a hypercondriac

I have been seriously torn on whether I wanna publish this or not. But here goes… This post is what will make me officially crazy. The cat will be out of the bag. I am afraid I might be a hypochondriac. Either that or a really sick person, medically that is.

I have narcolepsy and high blood pressure. Blood pressure usually controlled by my medication. I have low thyroid-ism or whatever its called. Again, I have a pill for that. I have outrageous cholesterol numbers and supposed to take 3 pills a day for it but with no health insurance it’s just too expensive. So I haven’t taken the cholesterol meds in probably over a year. I have edema, which means my ankles and fingers retain too much fluid, I think. So I take a pill for that. I take a 81 mg aspirin a day cuz my doctor says it helps my heart or something like that. I take Zoloft to keep from being a bitch and losing my cool. It also prevents me from crying. Thank goodness. Otherwise the waterworks are going all the freaking time. Seriously.

Then, just recently I have been having this acid reflux burning situation. I haven’t changed my diet so I’m not sure what caused it to heat up now. So I have been on a 14 day regiment of Prilosec OTC. I also have these bouts of migrants lately. I change around the solution on this one though. The answer for that used to be Aleve or Ibuprofen. But I think I became immune to those and have bumped up to Excedrin migraine. In the last couple months or so, I have been super dizzy. Yes, I can be ditsy. But I mean dizzy. I have had a CT with normal results. So of course, the doctor gave me a prescription for dizziness. Then there’s the nausea and vomiting. All started after the dizziness. Yep, was given another prescription for that!

So wouldn’t it be natural for me to assume I might have a bad gall bladder because of the acid reflux? Or a head bleed because of the headaches/ dizziness/ nausea and vomiting?? I haven’t even mentioned the unusual spots that have appeared all over my already fair-skinned legs. Could that be skin cancer? Or the bump on my lip that mysteriously appeared in April and hasn’t left. Let’s not forget about the carpel tunnel syndrome that I am sure I have but has not yet been diagnosed. My hands have been going numb for years.

Honestly there is more ailments but I am going to stop there. Yes, I probably am a hypochondriac. And I do HATE taking medication. But what is a girl supposed to do?



  1. Elaine

    Anti-depressants and blood pressure meds can make you dizzy. The spots could be sun spots from the tanning bed. The acid reflux comes with age. I have been going through the same thing. I take an OTC everyday and it is doing good. Calm down wild woman! lol


  2. Susie

    Q: “But what is a girl supposed to do?”
    A: Take a pill for it! 😉


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  4. Angel

    Every Dr. I see has the same answer for me…Lose Weight…being over weight causes every illness there is I think…they won’t give me a pill for weight loss because of my b/p…I really wish someone made a pill to make all food taste bad like the pill they make for smokers!


    • Yes, you are right. Same with me. Probably 95% of my physical and mental issues are due to my weight.


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