How far back does your memory go…

My memory is not the best. My daughter reminds me of that often. When friends of mine talk about their childhood I am amazed at how far back they can recollect. Umm, not me. I think my very first memory ever would be in the 3rd grade. The older I get the more I try to strain and remember things from my past. Dont you? Sometimes its hard to figure out if it is a memory or if its something you just remember your family talking about. Sometimes you remember seeing a picture of it. Know what I mean? Here are some totally random things I remember from my childhood…

  • Growing up in a big city we didn’t have a beach or a pool so in the summers we would lay out on the sidewalk on a towel. People actually had to walk around us. That’s the big city life for ya.
  • I remember when there was a big fight in the middle of the street in front of my parents house involving two different families. The police came and one lady had a big knife and it was all kinds of screaming and hollering. It was a lot of people, practically a riot and it was my first experience in seeing some real live city drama. I wonder how old I was. Maybe around 4th grade. Heck, that might even had been earlier. We didn’t live in the hood but there were some questionable people who lived down the street.
  • I remember when the St Louis Cardinals won the World Series in 1982 and the entire city celebrated like I had never seen before. It was bigger than New Years Eve and 4th of July combined.
  • I remember going on family vacations every summer growing up. We were all packed into a station wagon and would tour through many states.
  • I remember spending the night @ my friend and next door neighbor Ketti’s house once and woke up crying in the hallway. I guess I was sleep walking and her mom put me back to bed. That had to have been younger than 3rd grade, right?

What is your earliest memory? I am always curious to see how far back people can remember. My boyfriend insists he can remember things when he was 3 yrs old. That seems impossible to me.



  1. Susie

    Oh–I was at your house when that fight broke out!! It was about 1974-75. I had driven in my new 1974 Cutless Supreme to visit you all….and as I was leaving-it broke out. Screaming, yelling and I think a knife! I promise you that I sped out of there like a bat outta hell!!!
    My earliest memory was about 18 months. My parents were moving into the 1265 St Matthew Dr. in 1957. Busy with the moving, my Dad set me down on the furnance “cold air return grate”. I remember looking down and seeing the huge cone shaped entry to the furnance. I started screaming like a banshee!! I have no idea who it was but I can recall that some one swooped me up and moved me off of the grate.
    Many years later, I told my parents about my recollection and they were surprised that I could remember that incident! Have to tell you, even as I got older, I never did like walking over that darn thing!!


    • Yes, you have always seemed to have a great memory.


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