Homeless People

I have had my ideas of homeless people for many years. I’m not sure where this way of thinking of them has begun. I imagine someone shared their opinion with me and it made sense and it stuck. But either way, my daughter believes I’m wrong.  I believe that the majority of homeless people in the US are in their situation because of mental illness. Yes, I am stereotyping. I think MOST can get out of that situation if they were sane and/ or not an addict if they wanted to. I know I am probably going to catch hell for this.

Kari is wanting to help them all. Pass on a cup of coffee or a biscuit to those begging on the street corners. If it were up to her, she’d bring a few home to “help” clean up and try to find them a job. I am so grateful her boyfriend is blocking her generous charity.

I believe there is the rare exception of homelessness that is heart breaking and sad but true. Those who were laid off, have no family and few friends and have lost their home because of this economy.  I pray that none of my family or friends or myself end up in that situation. I do know it CAN happen and it CAN be real. I just don’t believe it is the main reason of this epidemic. I also think some might be those who were in prison and just got let out and have no money and nowhere to go. I do hate that and I think the prisons are partly responsible for that. They should have social workers set up to counsel, guide and assist with setting up their housing for when they are released.

But…to the masses of mental people filling our under passes and sleeping in tents, help is needed. But I do not believe it is money. It is prayers. If you must help them then offer food but no ride. Offer clothes but not a bed. You would be subjecting danger to your self and your loved ones.



  1. Jessie Lee

    in the 1980’s Ronald Reagan closed the mental institutions that used to hold people with severe mental health problems. (I’m not criticizing him, he was just the one who signed the order) There were no plans in place nor structure for this closing, they doors were just opened. People who had been conditioned to being in institutions were left to fend for themselves. The reason behind the closures were due to the infringement on their rights. there was then a flood of homeless mentally ill people. There is just nowhere for these folks to go. Yes, there are shelters thankfully, but far too few. A growing number of homeless are war veterans who simply can’t cope, whether from mental health or drug/alcohol abuse. At least veterans have the VA who is really trying to address the issue. It is quite sad to see these homeless individuals living hand to mouth. If you give them money, will they buy food or alcohol? Does it really matter? A friend of mine, whom I was in Iraq with met me downtown for a beer. We passed a homeless man and he gave the man a couple of dollars. I made the common statement, “He’s just gonna buy beer”, to which my friend said, Why not, that’s what I’m going to spend it on. I will give a couple of dollars to someone when I have it available. They can buy a sandwich, or a slice of pizza, or go get a beer or two. There life is a struggle. If they choose alcohol, at least they have a moment of repose.


    • Very good point Jessie! I can definitely see that. It makes sense. Thanks for commenting. And I appreciate you serving our country!


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  4. Elaine

    I have went downtown to help feed the homeless in the square (you know which one). It was very interesting to talk to some of the people. They all have different stories and knowing your curiosity about people I think you would enjoy it. Do you want me to call you next time I plan on going?


    • No, don’t call me. But Kari might be interested. Seriously. She wants to help.


  5. Susie

    I agree with you but helping people…really is never a bad thing. It is just important to be certain to select your charity carefully. Most important for each of us to make sure the money actually ends up where it will do the most good for these people–no matter the “how or why” that they have found themselves in this unfortunate circumstance.


    • Your right, I really don’t care how they got in the situation but in order to get my help I would need to know it is going to the “right” thing and not supporting their bad habit.


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  7. Kari

    I don’t know why I have such a big heart for the homeless, especially growing up and hearing your views on this my whole life. My father and his father must have had a big impact on me and my views on this subject. And they didn’t even really go out of their way to help the homeless, I just remember they would always drop a dollar to the man on the corner holding a sign or let them do yard work for some cash or buy the snack and soda for the homeless man who was next in line at the gas station.
    I feel as if I could always spare a dollar or some food to the next homeless person we pass. Some don’t feel the same. But, if I have two dollars in my pocket, what am I going to do with it? Is it really going to impact my life that much? NO! So why not give it to the cold and hungry? Some would ask, well what are they going to do with it? I say, What they do with it is not my call to make. Sure I would prefer that they buy food and not alcohol or drugs; But I am the type of person that tries to see the good in people. And those dollars, change, food, or clothes that you choose to give really do impact their life, much unlike giving away those two dollars did to you.
    Could you image if every person in our country helped one homeless person get back on their feet?


    • Kari, I love that your a giver. Continue it. But please please stop hanging out your car window on the off ramps and give to the homeless in the proper way. Go with some friends or a group to the shelters and help in the kitchen or drop off food there. Love you!


    • It’s better to keep doannitg to valid charitable organizations. While some people on the streets may be validly there, it’s almost a sure thing that they will not use the money for anything productive.It’s not unheard of for street beggars to make 80k a year tax free, however most if not all of it goes to drugs and alcohol.


  8. Susie

    Kari, you are kind hearted and you are correct; one dollar two will not change your life–but it could for another person. This said, I do not give to the “corner beggars” Once -when Ashley was about 7 -we awere cming hme from a bakery with 2 dozen bagels. There was a man begging–with a sign stating “Will work for food” My sweet daughter said,”MOM, that man is in need of food and we have moire than we need. Let’s give him some.” She carefully picked out her favorite 7 bagels and put them into a separate sack, with cream cheese, a knife and napkin, fr this “poor man”…..We turned the car around and went back. When we were in range, she said “Sir, we are sharing what we have with you.” He said, “What is it.” She explained there were bagels and cream cheese for him. He said …and all these years later, I can remember his words, “What are you crazy. I am not a JEw. I don;t eat begals. Got money? Cuz that is all I take.” Ashley was devistated. She cried the whole way home and never forgot that man. It made me realize that while I was willing to work 3 jobs, scrub other people’s tilets andbabysit through the night to make ends meet–this man had a different set of objectives. I have never given since. Instead, I see a young mother, struggling at a counter at Mc Donals’s…saying “No honey–nly one thing…” and I hand her a $20.00 bill…. or a young child who is counting money at a counter–another $20.00 etc. This get t the ones who work and will sue it for good–and onnly good. Just my thing, Mary Poppins! 😉


    • Awwww, Ashley is so sweet, then and now.


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