A couple months ago I saw this ad on Craigslist that said something to the effect of, wanna make money by referring people to use our brand new cell phone service. Or something like that. I was thinking to myself, wow – that has my name all over it.

The name of the company is called Solavei.  Like I said, its brand spanking new. It actually launches on Sept 21st. It is a 4G unlimited talk, text and web service. No contracts and only $49/ month. You can either use the phone you already have (if its compatible) or you can purchase one of their 3 smart phone options. It all sounded pretty good to me and the important thing was that you could make money too.

I went ahead and signed up and planned to keep my Alltel phone going too for the first month or two, just to make sure. I have been reading everything about the company on-line since then to get myself familiar with it. I ordered my new DROID Solavei phone this past weekend and it had arrived at my house within 48 hrs.

The steps to activate the phone was easy enough but it hasn’t kicked in yet. They said my phone service should be up and running within 24 hrs of activating it but its now been about 36 hrs. Oh wait, its only been about 5 hrs since I had the SIM card put in incorrectly. But either way, I’m waiting…

They don’t “promise” service until the 21st. This is just a bonus to get in early at no extra charge. They are still working the kinks out. They haven’t disappointed me yet and I have high hopes they won’t.

IF this works good and I am happy with the service then I plan to pass on my enthusiasm with my friends and family. My memory sucks but if just three of my people sign up and list me as a referral then my cell phone service will be free for that month. Any more over that then I not only get free service but I also get paid. Get the idea?



  1. Brandon Carter

    Love your post. My name is Brandon Carter. I am one of the original founders of Solavei. Not sure how but you are showing up as someone I sponsored. Give me a call to discuss. If you do want me to be your sponsor I would love to help you out. If there is someone you know that got you involved they are probably wondering what is going on. My number is 801-907-1147. Have a wonderful day!


  2. I just tried sending a post. Not sure if it worked. Just in case I am going to try one more time. My name is Brandon Carter. Apparently I am your sponsor in Solavei. Just wanted to connect to make sure this was done on purpose. Give me a call at 801-907-1147. Thanks! Have a great day!


    • Hey there Brandon. Yes, you showed up as my sponsor on September 9th. I’m not sure how. David Donley (donleydavi) actually introduced me to Solavei through Craigslist. When I enrolled I didn’t see his name so I got a computer generated sponsor, and that was you.


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