Women of the old days



I often times will sit here and imagine what it would be like if I had lived 100 yrs earlier or even 200. What kind of person would I be? I have an idea. The past fascinates me. How women survived conditions back then. Where on Earth did they have the energy to wake up early, cook and clean and raise children in the most primitive conditions and have sex all in the same day. Ugh! It’s so hard to fathom. I would have struggled in my mom’s days and even my grandmothers but 100+ years ago is no joke. That was some serious chores back then.

I am reading a novel called World Without End by Ken Follett and it is really making me think. It takes place in the year 1327. Women didn’t have any rights back then. Some women were even sold. But I don’t think that is what disturbs me the most. The problem I would have would be not being able to sleep in when I wanted and having to marry who I was told to regardless of my desire. He could have had all rotten teeth and stunk and was mean. You wouldn’t have had any say in the matter. Ewwww. If I could pick what era I could have lived in out of them all it would obviously be this one, the only one with DVR. But if I had to pick an old one then I would prefer to live my 20’s in the 50’s or 60’s. Maybe it’s because I picture my life would be like Marilyn Monroe’s. My lifetime has been so easy compared to our ancestors.

When you think about what all women endured it amazes me that they survived at all. In the early days women gave birth the old-fashioned way, bathed everyone in the home, in fact they took their bath in the dirty bath water of their husbands [yuck!], cooked from scratch, cleaned and sometimes worked the field. I can only look back with admiration and respect. Think about those women the next time your power goes out or when you’re having cramps. It helps to put things in perspective.




  1. Susie

    Really enjoyed this one and I agree, Nanette. Whenever a flight takes me over the Rocky Mountains, I look down at them and think about the people who crossed them to get to the West. I think about all the poor women in Missouri and Kansas, who husbands said, “”Honey, pack up! I have decided that we are going to walk for the next 3 months. We are going to scale huge mountains with our 3 young children and you —pregnant with the fourth. Oh and by the way, don’t forget, you will have to cook everyday, while I fight off the theives who will be attacking us.” And she had not choice but to say, “Oh sure Honey. No problem. That sounds like fun. When do we leave?” Thank the good LORD and our foremothers for standing up for their rights and marching for the right to vote!!


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