þe glotouns, & þe proude


I woke today a bit frightened as I recovered from a vivid nightmare. I started to tell Paul about the ‘real-like’ images that had just shortly been played out in my mind. He stopped me and said, “Your never supposed to tell a bad dream to someone before breakfast or it will come true.” I was like, huh? I never heard that before. He said its an old wives tale. Not sure if that’s true or not, I didn’t want to risk it so I kept my mouth shut. There is very few superstitions that I follow or really believe in. I am just not normally into some of that hokey stuff. It seems like if you do follow it then it will control you. So I try not to put much faith in them.

The word Superstition means a widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck, or a practice based on such a belief. I think the title I am using for this, þe glotouns, & þe proude is french for superstitions. But the letters look a little funky so who knows what it really says. I know that being Catholic, my church considers superstitions or following them to be sinful and I can understand why.

One that I notice seems to always come to pass is, death comes in threes. The logical side of me thinks it’s probably just a coincidence but it makes you go hmmmm. There are several others that I have heard my whole life and I doubt they have any merritt but have always known them, like;   ~If your nose starts itching, company is coming.   ~It’s good luck to find a four-leaf clover.   ~It brings bad luck for a flag to touch the ground.  ~To break a mirror means 7 years bad luck.

Then there are others;

If you hear a dog howling in the middle of the night, it is a sign of a death in the community – that’s kinda scary

If you whistle before breakfast, you will cry before dusk – this makes me wanna try it out and see if it works.

 If you drop a biscuit while taking them from the oven, you will have unwelcome company – who picks up biscuits fresh from the oven that is not in a pan?

 If a bird flies into a house it is a sign there will be a death in the family in the near future – another scary one but have you ever had a bird fly into your home?

Cats and dogs will not go into a room where there are spirits and ghosts present – very interesting and I now want to keep a dog in my room when I go to sleep, forever.

 A way to tell if the husband or wife is the boss of the family is to look at their toe’s. Look at the toe next to the big one. If that toe is longer than the big toe on one, that one will be the boss – hmmmmm

To cure a sty, stand at a crossroads and recite:
“Sty, sty, leave my eye
Take the next one coming by.” –
ha ha ha, love it.

A horseshoe, hung above the doorway, will bring good luck to a home. And a horseshoe hung in the bedroom will keep nightmares away. – I’m going to Wal Mart to buy me some horseshoes. Wait, where do you buy them?

These are fun and from doing a little research I have found that there are lots and lots more. Are there any old wives tales that you live by? If so, share them with me.




  1. mae

    I finally made it here! I am really feeling sad today and missing you and love it…you made me smile and laugh!!!


    • Oh no, so sorry your down. Wish we lived closer. And Thanks for reading my blog.


  2. Susie

    Really fun entry, Nanette~ Loved reading about these superstitions and your side comments! Yes–I have had a bird fly into my house.


  3. Angel

    Shaun’s grandma Jetta had a bird fly into her house and she is deathly afraid of birds…My mama is very superstitious especially about black cats, if one crosses in front of her while she is driving she has to mark x’s on her windshield. I bet if you were to look at her windshield right now there would be x’s on it. I don’t believe in all that mess myself.


    • Haha, I never heard of the cross on the windshield thing.


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