On the job search

I have been looking for a full-time job that I can enjoy for a long time and after about a 5 day break, I am back at it. Yes, I know I just wrote a post on my blog called,  “Full time… Here I come!” That job that I thought I was going to take has fallen through. Maybe it’s a sign that there is something better out there for me. Searching for a job is as time-consuming as working one. But being the professional at it that I am, I got it down to a system. When I was younger I used the process of “It’s who you know – not what you know”. And that worked. I believe for finding jobs that is the best way, even today. But I have lost touch with a lot of my contacts.

Now I am having to revert back to the old fashion way, so to speak. I look for hours on-line searching career websites. I check Craigslist, indeed, simply hired, monster and savannahjobs.com. Then I go through a list of ten large local employers and a couple overseas to check in on their job boards. I must have a sign-in and password for almost all of them. I figured if I apply enough then eventually somebody is going to hire me. I look for dispatch positions first because that is what I know. Then I check for things I have previous experience in like payroll, switchboard operator, front desk clerk, etc.. When all else fails, I go through everything else. This was so much easier when I was younger. It was not even an issue.

In my imaginary dream world where everything goes my way, I would have a job that did not include children or pets or patients. Lol. I would not have to dress up EVER. In fact, the dress code would be jeans or scrubs. We would not have to report to work until at least 3pm. It would be a sit down job in air conditioning, of course. Surely great Benefits, good pay and a gym membership (though I’m not sure I would actually use the gym, but just in case). Is all that really too much to ask?!

All kidding aside, I know I would be a great asset to whatever company I work for. I am a people person and take pride in doing the best job I can. I have tons of experience and also open to new things. I have no distractions at home so I am available to work any hour and any day. Just bring it on. So hi ho, hi ho, its off to job hunting I go. Wish me luck….



  1. Jim Casey

    Good luck in your quest for a full time benefited job. I’m so sorry things did not work out for you.


  2. Thanks Jim. Your always there to support me.


  3. Angel

    I know of somewhere that meets all of your requirements except good pay that is going to be having an opening soon LOL


    • Thanks for that but that would be too far for me to drive to work.


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