Republicans & Democrats

I am writing this while watching the Republican National Convention.  I used to be Republican. Now I think I am neither Republican or Democrat. I’m just an Independent. But I will say my values and beliefs definitely lean towards the Right. I am pro gun, pro-life and less government, among other things.  My parents were Democrats until about the time I got into high school. Then they switched over to being very involved Republicans for some reason from there on out.

I believe we each have the right to our own choices. I am not writing this so I can debate the issues. I am posting this to mention RESPECT.  I have seen a lot of political mud-slinging over the last couple weeks. It’s not coming so much from TV or ads but from people I know. I don’t expect my family and friends to always have the same opinions that I do. And I wish others would stop expecting me to follow their beliefs. Respect me to have a mind of my own. I know what I feel in my heart. That is great that you are passionate about your issues. I am passionate about mine too! So please back the hell off. We can all agree to disagree. Today I had to delete 4 people from my Facebook friends because they wanted to debate with me on my values and beliefs. It started to get out of hand.

I don’t want that negative energy in my life. I consider myself open to change and open to new ideas. I have friends from different countries and religions and races and sexual orientations. I admire them and encourage to hear their points of views that may be different from mine.

Now if you know where I stand and do not agree please follow my Mother’s advice that she used to tell me as a child, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Thank you and that is called respect.



  1. Susie

    I was never either side of the spectrum. Although, all my life, my Mom, like your Mom, and our entire maternal side of the family, were hard core Dems! My dad and his side were mostly Rebublicans. They used to laugh and say that they voted to cancel each others’ votes out!
    Oddly, as they aged, my Mom became a Rebuplican and, yep, you guessed it, my dad a Democrat! HA! So, there you have it. So simple to understand why I too, consider myself an independant.
    I love that in Missouri ,we can vote both sides of the ticket, and not have to stick to one party!


    • You can’t in Georgia. Its either one side or the other to vote.


  2. Nailah

    Wow. I understand how you feel. As you know, I use to be a Democrat. Not any more. I simply got tired of it. I do not like to argue about points that both parties can do better on. So, I stopped talking to those that I know are hotheads and started listening to myself again. This is, in my opinion, supposed to be a happy time. A time where I and the citizens of the US can exercise their right to vote for the team that will best help us. Remember how excited I was to watch the Dem convention in ’08? Although we were on opposite sides, we kept it light, respectful and made it fun. I see now how unique that was. Love you.


    • EXACTLY! I hope you meant ‘Wow’ in a good way and not bad. And yes, I remember how excited you were during that election. I hate slamming someone else’s beliefs. And we were respectful to each others differences. That is one of the many reasons why I love you.


  3. Nailah

    Yes, my wow was good. Like, yeah, tell em! I know that folks can agree to disagree and remain peaceful. Slammers, in my opinion, often wear shades darkened by the need to be right. Take care and have a wonderful night.


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