What phone apps do you have???

You can really find out a lot about someone by the Apps on someone’s phone. Now days you can download an app on just about anything; books, movies, music, games, news, etc.  Let me share with you all my apps. But none of them will probably surprise you.

• I have the media apps;  Facebook, Facebook Messenger, twitter, instagram, pinterest and foursquare. I gotta stay connected, ya know.

• I have the Google apps; Gmail, google search, google talk, google Currents and google books. I love me some Google.

• I have my financial apps; my banks, ING, Share builders and my work payroll app.

• I, of course have my blog,  WordPress on there. Duh

catholic prayers app, that I actually use almost daily.

• a calculator and a tip calculator

password keeper, definitely my lifeline.

notepads which holds my To-do lists

• a generic weather app and a news app

WTOC, a local TV channel


IntoNow – IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your favorite television shows fun.  IntoNow will identify the show, right down to the episode. Once identified it’s easy to share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.


spider solitaire – the only game I have left on there. I used to have several games like Words with Friends, Draw Something, Angry Birds, Word Search and some kind of brick breaker. But I cleaned house and dropped all the things I wasn’t really using.

• The music apps;  fm radio, Pandora and my downloaded songs on some app that I have no idea what it’s called


C25k – the only workout app I have that I have yet to use, but will start any time now

• my calendar


Ready Georgia – Ready Georgia is a statewide app that is supported by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) aimed at motivating Georgians to take action to prepare for a disaster. This gives updates on extreme weather & natural disasters.

Advanced Task Killer– the guy at the Alltel store highly recommended. It is a tool to kill applications running.  Advanced Task Killer – CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-Task-Killer/3000-2124_4-75011529.html#ixzz24gnwXgbV

You Tube

• My car apps;  Vehicle Buddy  – allows you to keep track of your vehicle. Record a wide range of maintenance types from the less frequent ones to the frequent ones. You can even keep track of the amount of gas your vehicle(s) are using. Along with keeping information on each maintenance record, you can also see the history and different graphs for each maintenance type. You can also see graphs for all maintenance at once for your vehicles.., Allstate and my navigation.

• My camera, camcorder and photo albums

Handcent – a special texting app

• my alarm clock – Alarm & Timer

Play Store – the app store

Geez, it seems like so many when you list them out. But with 5 screens it doesn’t seem like that many. I try to just keep the apps I use regularly on there and delete those I don’t. If you have the space on your phone and memory card, why not make the most of it and use it all you can. Maybe this will give you a suggestion of something cool to use. Happy App’ing…



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