My sweet baby girl, Kari


I tried to hold off on doing a post on my daughter for as long as I could. But I think it’s time now. I really didn’t want to be one of those cheesy people who go on and on about their kid. So I will try my best to not sound like one of those stereotypical moms. You know the type. I will not claim that my daughter is perfect and all holy. But I will say that I have known her longer than anyone else. LOL. This is my story of my baby girl…

I got pregnant when I was 20 yrs old. The pregnancy was anything but lovely. I liked the excitement of something new happening to me but hated the constant headaches and heartburn that followed. I had morning sickness and lost my 120 lb figure. I did not know what to expect but I did know that her daddy was going to be the best parent. I could not have picked a better partner. I tried to keep in shape somewhat and watched what I ate but was awful at getting those prenatal vitamins down. I just could not swallow pills good. I’d gag and spit and carry on. Poor Ricky was so patient with me. I ended up having a c-section because she was breech and all my amniotic fluid had seeped out. The most pain of the event was getting the IV. I did not feel one contraction or back ache during labor. After my five days in the hospital, the baby and I got to come home. I wanted to name her Mallory and he chose Kari. We went with his choice.

I divorced her dad a couple of years later and began to build a life with just the two of us. I had full custody but continued to pass her back and forth between Ricky & I evenly. She was such a good baby. He would get her two days, I would get her two days and so on and so on. When she started school we changed it to me during the week and Ricky on the weekends. And that continued forever. Kari was definitely a daddy’s girl and pushed her limits with me as much as she could. Thankfully Ricky always managed to keep the peace between us.

Growing up I wanted her to have every opportunity possible. So I put her in gymnastics, swimming, dancing, cheerleading, basketball, softball, track, band and choir. Of course not all at the same time. Softball ended up being her thing. Most of her childhood memories for me was running to this practice and that one and recitals and games. We were always on the go. But no matter what we did and where we went, her favorite time of all was spending her weekends with her dad. That was her happy place. I took great joy in seeing them together.

When Kari was in high school, we got word that her dad had cancer. I believe she was in denial all the way until his death. I tried to prepare her so many times for what was about to happen but she kept blocking me out. The sicker Ricky got the more and more time she spent with him. She really took such good care of him. I will never forget the night I got the phone call and I had to tell Kari that her dad was gone. It was absolutely heart breaking.

After Ricky’s death, Kari refused to speak of him for at least a year. I was so worried about her. I knew she was not right and did not know how to handle it. I just backed up and gave her the space I think she needed. It was about that time that she was graduating from high school and began to get closer to me than she ever had. Each year since we have bonded a little more and more. Now I do believe that there is not a thing the two of us can not share with the other one.

I had come to realize that she did not want to be compared to anyone else. She is her own person. She likes her space and doesn’t like to be pushed.  Not sure where she got it from but she loves fashion and design. She is a mixture of city and country.  Today she is very protective over me and loyal. She spoils me rotten every time I am at her home. I had to learn to accept her differences and independence in order for us to come together. I could not be more proud of her. I love her more than anyone or anything else on this Earth.



  1. Susie

    So beautifully written, Nanette!! I enjoyed reading this entry. I am pleased to know that you have become closer to each other especially after going through the painful loss of Ricky, the love of both of your lives!!! I am also happy that we are close–love to you and Kari.


  2. Elaine

    She is pretty awesome and so are you.


    • awww, thanks. I just found all of your comments in my spam folder. I didn’t even realize this had a spam section. So glad I found them. I was wondering what you were talking about the other day when you said you had commented on my blog. Ha! Sorry. Anyway, I love you.


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