THE easiest recipe ever


I stole this recipe from a previous co-worker named Tammie Nelson. She used to bring this dish to our holiday work dinners. You know the kind where everyone brings their specialty dish. It was love at first taste for me. Knocked my socks off and been hooked ever since. Its is baked beans. I know you were expecting me to say some fancy smancy casserole or something else but nope, just baked beans. These beans are so flipping good that I could drink the damn stuff. So I have decided to share with you “my specialty dish”.

Brown spicy Jimmy Dean sausage. Drain well. Combine the sausage, a large can of baked beans and ketchup in a large pot on the stove on low/ medium heat. Add a little brown sugar, finely chopped onion and bell pepper. You need to season to your taste. But you really can’t go wrong with this. This is the easiest recipe ever and idiot proof. Let it simmer on the stove til completely cooked and hot. Usually done in at least 15 minutes but I keep it on low after that for maybe 30 minutes more. I’m not sure why I leave it cooking for that extra little time though except maybe to make the house smell of the stuff.

The only downfall of this recipe is that it is hard to do just an individual portion. It’s great to bring to any cookout or family gathering. It’s always a hit!



  1. Susie

    The visual that came with your line; “I could drink the damn stuff.” was so vivid it made me giggle. I will try this one, Nanette! I LOVE YOU!


    • hahaha, and for the record, the picture attached is not my baked beans. It was just one I found on google. Please try it.


    • Let me know when you do


  2. Jason

    YUMMY!!! I remember having those… You’re SO right, drink the damn stuff!!!


  3. Suzanne Burton

    I have been making this recipie for years. My husband proposed after eating my beans 10 years ago. The only thing I do different I add dried onions on top and put in the oven till crisp. Pork fat rules in my


    • I will have to try your version. Thanks for sharing!!


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