The Golden Child

Here I go, another post on me bragging about one of my siblings. Every family has to have a golden child, right? Well, mine did. And as shocking as it is, I was not it. In my family it was my older brother, Sean. Sean was golden from the time he was born. Sean and I are complete opposites. He was just 2 and a half years older than me. Sean never ever got in trouble and  he always aced all of his classes in school.

He has black hair and brown eyes and I am [naturally] light brown hair with blue eyes. I rebelled and he obeyed. I was loud and he was quiet. He studied and I played. I can go on and on. When he was in the 8th grade he won a National Contest and got to go on a trip to Yugoslavia and Greece. Who the hell does that in Elementary School?

He also went to Ireland in high school. After high school,  he received an academic scholarship to a University in Texas. He finished with majoring in French and Political Science. I just knew he would end up running for office. But, he didn’t. There’s still time Sean, hint hint. He met his beautiful wife in college. After college, he went to Detroit to live and work in the inner city to help encourage and motivate the homeless. Then he went to DC to be an Aid for Representative Gephardt.

After marriage, he and his wife had three kids and live in my hometown in a large home. Going back and visiting with Sean and his family, I am in awe. They are all so involved with school and the community. It reminds me of my childhood. In his current position of Executive Director at Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group, he is making a huge difference in this world.

As different as we are, we were close growing up. He was so patient with me and I remember respecting him even as a child. He was with me when I snuck my first taste of beer and smoked my first cigarette. So many memories of my childhood have him in them. If ever I doubt my memory, I know I could call him to recollect for me. I guess because we were so close in age we had to do so many things together from walking to swimming lessons @ Wash U to family vacations.

Currently, we are on opposite spectrums of the political site then each other. But when I want an expert opinion then I call him. I trust his judgement more so than anyone else’s. He is the smartest person I know whether its politics, religion or any other subject. He keeps the peace and always remains calm. I’m sure my memory is not the best in remembering all the Sean facts but this is pretty close.



  1. Susie

    You are correct–Sean is quite remarkable and seems to always be doing wonderful work. He has spent his life, looking outward, seeing what needs to be done to improve this wacky World. Here is where his journey splits from the “average Joe”, once he sees what is needed, he actually takes action—doing something about making a difference! We (the family) are all proud of him.Nanette, I too, hope he will run for office at some point! . He is a natural born leader.
    By the way, Nanette and so are you. You just lead peeps to different places, that’s all~ 😉


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