I am the last person you would think to ever use this word, Sssssssh. Or that sound. And I usually don’t. But yes, I am one of those that loves the quiet. Another thing I have noticed since getting older. I am loud at talking and laughing. That has always been the case for me. Large family syndrome is what I call it. Usually people hear me before they see me. The only thing I listen to loudly anymore is music. Maybe I have something wrong with my hearing. When I go to work or at someone else’s house, I can’t stand when the TV is on in the background and someone try’s to carry on a conversation with me.   I am thinking to myself, “Can’t they just mute or pause the TV while talking and undo it when their done”.  I also hate when they watch TV and the volume is blarring. Maybe it’s just the distraction I don’t like. So, If I had a hearing impairment wouldn’t I want the TV loud?

As I have gotten older, I have enjoyed the peace and quiet. I only turn the TV on if I am going to be watching something specifically. I never channel surf anymore. I can ride in the car for hours with no radio on just for the silence. Ahhhh, so refreshing. But I think its very rude to hush people or Sssssh people unless its your child. Or if your a librarian, of course. Noise doesn’t startle me by any means. I love the loud crack of thunder or the booming of fireworks and most definitely the song Blinded By The Light at full volume mode. So I wonder what the problem is. In the last several years I have found myself muting or pausing the TV, radio or whatever anytime the phone rings, someone is speaking to me, I have to read a text or anything.

I have a difficult time when people talk and they are mumbling or speaking softly. I am always saying, “huh?” Then I catch hell at work as my co-workers tease me with saying I need a beltone. I like when people speak up when talking to me. I am not 70, only 44 yrs old, for God’s sake. This would make sense if it was an ADD thing, right? I can’t have back ground noise going while reading or trying to concentrate really hard. The last time I had my hearing checked it was fine. So my conclusion is that I must just be getting old and this is one of those irritants that bother me. Or my concentration sucks.



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