The Tribe Has Spoken

I am a reality TV show junkie. I reluctantly admit it. I am hooked on it more than I care to face. But it is amazing how you get sucked right in. I love the show Joan Knows Best.  I also, slowly but surely have become a religious fan of every Real Housewives show there is. For most of you that don’t realize; there is Real Housewives of OC, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Real Housewives of New York, Real Housewives of DC, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Miami. Yes, I watch them all. Then there is the Kardashian Series; Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Khloe & Lamar and Kim & Kourtney in NY. Of course, I have to watch the game show realities like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, Big Brother and The Great Escape. Then last but definitely not last there is the ‘single but looking’ reality shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and 3. See, I stay very busy. Thank God for DVR or else I don’t know how I would ever keep up. The scary thing is, I just recently had to cut back. I dropped the home show realities like Million Dollar Decorators, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Selling LA, Selling NY and Selling London.

I’d like to cut back even more but not sure who I would be willing to part with. These characters have become like family to me. Maybe I need an intervention. Or just a pill. I have considered applying for a couple shows. I did apply for the Biggest Loser, as humilating as that would be. And would LOVE to go on Amazing Race but know I would just embarrass myself because of how out of shape I am. I’m not sure what the attraction is for me and others to watch this brain cell eating dramas. But I do know I am not the only one watching. Some of it is the lure of watching how people on the other side live; the rich & famous. But another reason is to be able to watch and see how screwed up other peoples lives are. It makes mine not look so bad. When friends or coworkers suggest a great new TV show to me, I just explain that no matter how good it is, there is NO WAY I can watch it. I refuse to get hooked on anything else. I have put my foot down.



  1. Susie

    You know that I, too, love to watch a few of those shows. The main reason that I do not have cable, is due to the realization that if I did…….I would be hooked on them all, as well!!


    • I guess I should add that all of those shows don’t come on in the same season. Only a couple at a time. And I am not a complete idiot. Or I would like to think. I watch the news daily and try to stay current with events happening in the REAL world. With that being said, thank you Susie for understanding my addiction. Love you…<3


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