Do you have a To-Do list???

Do you have a to-do list??? I do. I always have a to-do list. I think there is those who list and those who don’t. I always have and my mother has too. I got this blog idea from my friend Louise. She is reading a book on how not to procrastinate. One of the tasks the book suggest she do, which she is, is making a list of 50, or maybe its 100 things to do. Rather its things that need to be done. Anyway, I glanced @ her list. Wow! She actually was able to come up with that many. Like Louise, I probably could too. I am a procrastinator also. People make a list to try to get (and stay) organized. Reminders and things to push us to keep us on target. I find this reduces stress because you can put it down on paper (or on your smart phone app) to see what you have to do and how much you have accomplished. I also have other lists. I keep a grocery list, a list of blog ideas, a list of my monthly bills, a wish list, a tax deductions list, a list of things I want to sell, and a list of gift ideas for my daughter. I do actually keep up with them and scratch things off accordingly. It all comes back to me wanting to remain organized and in control. I wonder how those non-listers keep up. Do they just have remarkable memory? Or do they just not have that much going on in their life? My current to-do list is not urgent things but still important. Below I am going to share with you a piece of my tasks @ hand…

  • Oil Change
  • File away mail and papers beginning to stack up
  • gather up clothes for goodwill
  • pick up prescription refills
  • dog to the vet
  • clean out junk in my trunk, no pun intended
  • go over to Dana’s to color her hair
  • finish book I’m reading, “Most Talkative” by Andy Cohen
  • shred old papers from files no longer needed
  • do laundry
  • sell my left over items from BeautiControl on Craigslist
  • work on my new business, Solavei


  1. Susie

    I do not keep a list, unless I am having a big party or going on a long trip. I must admt that I have found that it gives me a sense of power and accomplishment when I am able to CROSS something off of those list. After reading your blog, and thinking more about when I do use list~ I think I need to start a list and include a note to use them more often!


    • Wow, no list Susie?! Its amazing with as busy as you stay and all the travelling you do. Maybe I need to change my diet to what you eat.


  2. Jason

    I too, am a list maker! Just a quick ditty about MY list…
    Chicken coop
    Turn north field
    Barn gate
    Limbs from yard
    Mow grass


    • Awesome! LOL. Your list is a lot like mine.


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