A Girly Girl… not

I don’t think I am your typical girl. I don’t think I ever was. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% heterosexual. My issue is that I don’t have interest that most chicks do. Just about every female I know loves to talk on the phone, love to shop and they love to put on a dress. Nope, not me. Not even a little bit. I despise talking on the phone. If I have to communicate with someone then I prefer texting. If I have to talk on the phone then it is most likely for work or else I can promise you it will be brief. Please don’t take offense if I cut you short. It’s not you. Its everyone I talk with. Well, that’s not entirely true. I enjoy talking with my child. Though she is a lot like me, our phone conversations don’t last too long. My cousin Susie,  usually can hold my attention on the phone longer than most. But on a normal basis, no, don’t like talking on the phone. Not sure where that stems from except maybe working @ 911 has burned me out from having to answer too many calls and listening to the phone ring so often. I don’t think I have always had this source of annoyance over it either. But not sure where it began.

I don’t enjoy shopping either. That, I know I have never enjoyed. Didn’t like it when I was little, a teenager or now. Not interested in shopping for clothes, jewelry, garage sales, grocery shopping or anything! I don’t get it. If I must shop then it will be quickly run in somewhere, get what I have to get and get out. I remember being trapped with a loved one or friend on a shopping spree that they promised would be a good time. It was torture! I try to imagine if I won the lottery would I enjoy it more. You know, where you can walk around and just purchase anything you saw that you liked. Nope, still don’t think so. I think I would just hire someone to run to the store for me. And since I don’t have any money, whats the point in walking around and looking @ things you’d like to have but can’t?

Clothes…ugh! I’m not a nudist and never would be. I just don’t understand what all the excitement is about with outfits. If it were up to me, I would stay in a good ole pair of Levi’s, a t-shirt and flip-flops my whole life. Scrubs for work would be a dream for me. That would be the uniform of choice. I am all about comfort. I get new clothes when absolutely necessary. There is other issues too. I don’t like to cook, sew and don’t think I have a maternal bone in my body. Wait, maybe it’s a nurturing bone in my body. Either way, I’m off.

Maybe I was dropped on my head as a baby. My sisters aren’t like this and either is my daughter. In fact my daughter is ALL about some shopping. What happened with me? Am I less of a woman than others? But I’m not a tomboy either. Hell, I don’t even wanna be outdoors. There is some girly things about me… I love pink, hearts, hair spray, I get boy crazy, I love me some mascara, I sqeel and scream over a mouse or bug, I don’t like dirt, I am super social and quite possibly a narcissist.  This sounds like a subject matter for Maury.



  1. Susie

    That was a riot! You were not dropped on your head but you are correct, Nanette, you are not your typical female. That said, you certainly are a woman & a dang funny one at that! Love you!


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