Mixed Signals

In the town I am currently residing in, there is a stop sign that is ignored by all. And by all I mean, all. It has been there for years and no one stops for it. Not law enforcement or the locals. I think I have seen one person stop and it nearly  caused a wreck. You might even think you’re in Mexico City or something the way everyone, including myself, just fly right through it. I don’t understand it. Why wouldn’t the Road Dept just remove it? Or if they want to leave it then enforce it? Its things like that street sign that send people mixed signals.

I know, it is not unheard of to have some unenforced laws. An unenforced law is a crime which is illegal, but is usually not penalized by a jurisdiction. It is a law which is usually ignored by law enforcement, therefore such laws have no consequences.  Some instances don’t bother me. Like speeding just a little over the limit or drinking alcohol on your front porch in Brooklyn. But let’s be real, some are more serious. I don’t like how illegal immigrants can be here free and clear and even receive some benefits. That doesn’t make sense to me. I love people from other countries but come by the book. Follow the rules. If I have to follow the rules and pay taxes then they should too. Or else send them back!

Here’s another, it is stated in Georgia that all sex toys are banned. If this is so, then arrest people selling them or close down those stores. If it’s not then take that one off the books. Why have it listed and not enforce it. Another mixed signal. Now of course, there is the ridiculous laws, which do not send mixed signals. For example, it is the law in Acworth, Georgia that all citizens own a rake. Really? Really? And in the State of Georgia No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday. Why would anyone vote to elect someone who would allow us to have dumb laws like this on our books?

I don’t mean to pick on the State of Georgia, that just is where I live. I’m sure there is dumb laws everywhere. I just don’t understand why. You’re expected-and required-to know your city’s laws. You will be responsible to pay the consequences if the court finds that you have violated those laws. Isn’t there some way to clean up the laws and make it list only real meaningful ones? Who else thinks this sends us all mixed signals???




  1. Candice

    You are doing great with your writing. Keep up the great work 🙂


    • Thanks Candi for the encouragement. I hope you keep coming back.


  2. Susie

    I think that these laws came about just like they do today. Someone did something, like put an ice cream in their back pocket, and then sat on a chair. The person who owned the chair was angry and put forth a law. All the town folk just thought, “What is the harm?” and it became a law. Think about the laws they pass now–“No pants can be worn, as to show the crack in your butt.” Imagine in 100 years–people will be asking what that law was all about and thinking the same thing! Funny!


    • Your so right Susie. And I love the visual you gave me of a man sitting with the ice cream cone in his back pocket. LOL.


  3. Susan

    This is hilarious! I agree there ae mixed signals everywhere…no wonder we are all confused!


    • Thank you Susan Clifton for reading my blog AND commenting. I hope your feeling ok. I miss working with you regularly but I will see you Friday morning.


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