To Blog or Not to Blog…

Do you remember the excitement you got when you first started on Facebook? Twitter? Or Pinterest?  Well I am going through all of those thrills by blogging. Who would have known doing a blog would be so satisfying?  Seriously.  Now, I don’t have time for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest like I used to. I don’t even want to check my email. All I want to do it check my homepage of my blogging website. I get excited to check my stats and to see if I have new followers. I hope others will read my post and more importantly comment. I guess I am saving money by not going to the movies or other outside activities. Not that there was many anyway.

There is a whole community out there of bloggers. Bloggers support each other and encourage you. You begin to read their posts and start to see a whole different perspective. When I first started this, I didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure what I would write about and I doubted my new interest would last. And what do you know but now all I want to do is blog and all I want to talk about is blogging. Sorry to all my peeps.  After I had published my 10th post or so I started to worry that no one would be interested in what I had to share.  But lately I have been getting some good feedback, which is pushing me to do more.

Believe it or not, blogging is very addicting. I am consumed with thinking of my next topic to write about. Trying to think of an original idea is harder than it looks. I doubt my blogging will ‘go anywhere’ serious. No book deals and I’m sure i won’t make money from this but it sure beats doing other bad habits.  If you ever thought of sharing your thoughts on paper, do it. You won’t regret it. Just give me a heads up and I will not only follow you but I will leave you a comment too.



  1. Jim Casey

    A very nice post Nanette.


    • Thanks Jim and thank you for always reading my posts. Your the best!


  2. Susie

    This was a good one, Nanette. I think blogging, taps into your true love of writing. Who knows–it may end up being “SOMETHING” big! As it is, it is fun to read and entertaining! Well done.


    • Thanks Susie. Hopefully with time and practice I will get better.


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