The Ultimate Salesman

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I know I’d probably be a great car salesman,  like my brother Barry, but its not really my style. But I have sold just about everything else. Looking back, my first sales venture was probably selling ink toner cartridges. Not sure the set up was all legal though. It was a shady company but I was young and stupid. It was the typical telemarketing scheme. I then moved on to Tybrisa Beach Resort timeshares. You would get a free camera for just doing a walk thru of the condo and listening to their speil.  Not bad. I sold so many things and can’t remember all of them.

Most were just a part time gig, but were guaranteed to make me a millionaire.  There was Avon, Tupperware, BeautiControl, PartyGals, Premier Jewelry, Clever Container, long distance calling cards (back when people used them), Melaleuca, MonaVie, Life Insurance and Annuities, some kind of Home Interiors and so much more. I also was one of those chicks that stood in Sams Clubs and other stores wearing the black apron with a tray of samples trying to push one product or another.

Whether I am working or not, I am always so enthusiastic about whatever it is I am passionate about. “Oh my God! You have got to go to that new car wash place that opened up on Main St! They did a fabulous job”, or “I just had THE best bagel of my life”.
Maybe its the combination of being the town crier and being dramtic that makes a good salesman. Its just the follow through that I have problems with. I can close the sale but when things go slow or kind of boring then I move on to the next deal or just drop out all together.  I don’t think I’m a sucker for any loser out there pushing me a good line. I am realistic but I do believe that if they can do it and make $10,000/ a month then I can too.  I have went to the cheesy National Conventions and met others and did the group cheers, walked on their run ways and received oh so many pins.But that is stuff that I would much rather not done or received. I never really cared about driving that pink Cadillac or having my name & picture in one of their quarterly newsletters under, Bronze Stars. I only cared about the money. Show me the money!!!

I don’t have a back up plan right now. I can’t say that I’ll never sell again but I’m definitely not planning on it. I know my down falls. One of the things I hated about selling stuff was having to contact my family and friends. I would much rather do cold calling to strangers for 8 hrs a day then to bother my loved ones. Hopefully I will never be ringing your door bell again saying, “Avon’s calling”.



  1. tammy

    still say you should try pampered chef…i could hook you up w/ my director neighbor


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