The Grass is Always Greener

I just recently started working back in Savannah after hanging out in the country for a while. Being back in the City has brought back so many memories for me. Just driving around to and from work reminds me of all the different places I have lived there. All within about a ten year time, I moved around a lot.  I was under the “Grass is always greener on the other side” mentality. Glad I finally grew out of that.
I moved out of my parents house in Fairway Oaks, a nice little neighborhood in a central location in Savannah, probably around age 19.  My first place was renting a room from a new friend named Carol who had a great condo in Lotts Landing in Georgetown, the southside of Savannah. Somehow and someway it seemed like a good idea even though I had no car and no drivers license and was no where near my job or my boyfriend. Georgetown was on the outskirts of town back then. Now its built up so that its more in the City than it used to be. For obvious reasons that didn’t last long.
I then moved in with my boyfriend, Ricky and his roommate in a house on White Bluff, which went by the nickname of the Social Club by many people. The house was always trashed and was a party house. Great memories were made here. I would have died if my parents ever showed up. We had lots of parties there and it was in a very central location to everything.  We had happy hour almost daily and friends would stop by on their way home from work and have a drink. It was such a popular place. I was so carefree and happy back then. I didn’t have a care in the world! That was a short stay.
My next living situation was to rent out an old house on LaRoche with Sherry, a high school friend. That actually worked out great. The only negative thing I remember happening while we lived there was that we had a peeping tom and thankfully one of our guy friends had caught him and ran him off. From that point on, Sherry & I were a little creeped out. I was 20 yrs old at this time and we probably lived there about a year. I would of lived there longer had I not got pregnant & married to Ricky then.
Ricky and I moved to Coastal Place Apartments.  Very unfortunately for me, I just wasn’t happy in the marriage so I moved out. This started my move 13 times in one year saga.  I rented a room from my new hair dresser named Jo. She had a beautiful home in Mayfair. In fact, to this day, I have never seen a home decorated so exquisite as hers. Little did I know, this turned out to be a party house too. I met a lot of people while living with Jo and built some amazing friends through her. I then rented a home on 61st St with a girl named Karen, whom I met through Jo. This old house had no air conditioner and we didn’t stay there long. The two of us moved then to Turtle Creek Apts on White Bluff.
It was now that I think I moved back in with Carol and her boyfriend Stevie. She was renting a house in a rather trashy neighborhood and the house was small and looked cheap. Not sure what she was thinking. I remember there was shrimpers who lived next door to us and they reminded me of a biker group and they liked to party all night. When I was living here we had to use a laundry mat. I had a routine of driving up to the laundromat around the corner at Skidaway and Bona Bella and I would throw all my clothes in the washer/ dryer and drive back home to wait. When they were done I’d run up there again and retrieve them. It was a system that I used several times. This one time I showed up to get them from the dryer and they were gone!  All my clothes stolen!
I think I then moved into an old garage apartment alone on Waters Ave. It was scary but also made me feel so independent. I was close to work at Memorial and close to my parents but right on the border of the hood. I enjoyed it there but the place became infested with termites. This is about the time I lose track of where I went next. I believe I rented another room from Carol again but she was now living in Holland Park Townhomes. Gosh, what a great place that was.
I’m sure I have the order mixed up here but to make a long story short I moved back in with my parents house and also Sherry & I moved in together again, this time to River Crossing and The Commons. When I was living in the Commons I met and started dating Greg, who eventually turned into husband #2. I moved from the Commons to Moss Gate Apartments, a loft apartment alone. Greg and I married and then guess what? Yep, we moved. We moved to a house on Wilmington Island.  Then when our house got flooded we had to move to River Crossing Apts. From there we moved to the country.
What a trip. No pun intended. And the weird thing is that this isn’t even all the places I moved to. There was more. I was young and constantly trying to find my place and my way. I consider my self a city girl but ironically the place I lived at the longest as an adult was in the country. The ‘oh so familiar’ thing is that now I am renting (kind of) a room from someone in a city I know no one and have to drive an hour and half one way to work while everything I possess is in a storage unit. I would of never imagined in a million years my life would of turned out this way….Image


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