My National TV Debut

Although it’s been years, I have always been the chick who goes on any blind date. I’m just open for possibilities. I remember one blind date I went on and the guy picked me up from my garage apartment and told me we were going to Florida. I was shocked but game, of course. It was actually because he rode down there once a week to buy lottery tickets because Georgia didn’t have the lottery back at that time. I have been on more blind dates then anyone I know. Then I went through the singles websites phase. I have had dates from eharmony, plenty of fish and and I’m sure there were others.

Once I was notified by to invite me to a speed dating event. I accepted. Next thing I know, I received paperwork from them saying it was going to be filmed on National TV for some program on TLC. I, then was not as excited. I am extremely self-conscious of my weight and this was making me feel very nervous. Had I been younger this wouldn’t have been a problem. But this was within the last five years or so. When I showed up @ the venue, ChaBella’s, all the camera crews were there and producers and all. We had to sign a release and stand along with many others on what looked to be a movie set. had joined forces with TLC’s What Not To Wear TV show. Thank God, I was not their point of interest. All in all, it was exciting. It did film on TV and I was shown in it just for a moment. In the end, there was no one there that piqued my interest. But if I am given the opportunity, I will definitely join in on another speed dating event again.

I have dated all types and ages. Almost. I have went out with the fireman (that was brief), the policeman (oh yes!), the mailman (adorable), the nurse (player), the janitor (stalker), the trucker (ewwww), the farmer (miss him),  the army guy (hot),  surveyor (psycho),  attorney (ass), bouncer (sweet), and others. I’m 44 years old and this has been over the course of the last 20 years. This wasn’t all in one year.  This has taught me exactly what I want in a guy. I know what interests me and I know my taste. I won’t settle for anything less. I also know that I would much rather be alone happy then to be miserable with someone.

This was on my way to the filming of the TLC show


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  1. Susie

    I remember that night! You were so nervous!


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