My Dad

 I guess most girls grow up thinking their daddy is the best. But mine really was. My dad, William Thomas, was born back in 1918. I don’t know anyone that was around back then. Just to make you realize how long ago that was………President was Woodrow Wilson and Billy Graham was born then too. WWI ends, and time zones were established. No kidding. So anyway, my point is that he’s old. My dad was a real gentleman. I never heard him talk crude or disrespectful to anyone. He was born and raised in Illinois with one sister. He was a soldier in WWII and afterwards worked for the government in St Louis as a cartographer. This is where he met my mom. When they married he was in his 40’s and then proceeded to raise 7 kids.

Looking back I don’t recall my parents ever fighting. They may have had disagreements but it was never hostile. He was in love with my mom until the day he died. I never saw him look at another woman or speak out of line. He had a sense of humor like very few I have ever heard. It was never sarcastic but kind of dry. Maybe similar to Bill Crosby. He would have the whole family in stitches. He was not dramatic or loud. I wish I had more of his qualities. My father died in 1995 and I was rather relieved when he passed on. I say relieved because I did not want him to see some of the ways the world had become. Whether it was on TV, movies or radio; everything was turning rather raunchy. Watching my dad suffer with cancer, leading up to his death, was very hard for me. One of the hardest things I ever went through. He tried to be strong but could only hold up so long.He insisted we went to church regularly, vote and become involved in our community. He was very strict and conservative but I don’t believe he ever brought a gun in our home. None of his children, no matter what age, would ever be caught dead cursing in front of him, telling a dirty joke in front of him or smoking a cigarette in his view. It was just that kind of presence he radiated to us all. I think of him almost daily and miss him so badly. I always wonder what his life was like before he met my mom. He set such a good example for me and my brothers and sisters. Its no wonder I am single today, no one can measure up. Its just such a shame that they don’t make men like him anymore.



  1. Ben

    neat. your dad? more like my grandpa! I wish I could have gotten to know him.


    • Thanks Ben for reading and even more for commenting. Your the best! I wish you could have gotten to know him. He was so different from grandma. And oh so so funny.
      Love you!


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