My Career of Changing Careers

Most children dream of what they want to be when they grow up. Little girls dream of being ballerinas, teachers, nurses, etc and boys dream of becoming a famous baseball player, fireman, doctor, etc. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being thin, beautiful and most importantly a woman of leisure. Really. Is that wrong?? The only careers I seriously considered as a child was being a famous figure skater like Dorthy Hamill or being a TV newscaster. I never wanted to go to college and didn’t plan on it. I don’t know why my way of thinking was so distorted. I grew up in a middle class family in the Midwest and we had to work for what we had. The closer I got to age 18, I had come to realize I will have to work to survive but I would ONLY be working because I had to and not because I want to.When I graduated high school with no plans of my future, I took a few odd and end part time jobs and just focused on my social life. After about 6 months of doing nothing and totally enjoying myself, my dad begged me to consider college, tech school, a course, anything! So, very reluctently, I started a 9 mos nursing assistant program with Draughans Community College, now South College. Being the follow through girl that I am, I quit just before I completed the course. I made it on their little Dean’s List but school just wasn’t for me. I then became a barber. Quit that when I was pregnant. Next full time thing I went to was working @ Candler Hospital as a registration clerk in the ER and admitting. Gosh, I really did love that. After about 6 mos there, I met the guy over registration @ Memorial while I was having drinks @ Cooky’s bar. He offered me a job there doing the same thing but more money and better shift. So, in February of 1990 my career with Memorial began. Now this was a good time! After many years with Memorial, starting as registration clerk to ADT Coordinator, I got burned out and knew it was time to move on. I then went to work @ PaineWebber Mortgage and was their Branch Coordinator. My next move was Crawford & Co, where I met a lot of my friends I still have today. Went through a lot of life changes when I worked there. I was stalked, got married and lost my dad. After this company closed down their Savannah office and laid us all off, I went to Gulfstream. Wow, that place is really cool. But after 6 mos of working full time temporary and unable to get a permanent position with benefits, I had to change again. I then went to work as a receptionist @ Coastal Dialysis. Convinced to move up to a Dialysis tech. Very interesting and good learning experience. But after two dirty needle sticks, I knew it wasn’t meant for me. I then went to work doing Physician Billing at this place called HealthPac. We did billing for 15 different doctors offices. But after I received my 12th bounced paycheck, I left there. And yes, I said, bounced paycheck. I then worked back for Memorial and then East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro in the OR. I also worked for a doctors office in Statesboro and on the ramp @ Delta Airlines. Not to forget being a certified nail tech and licensed insurance broker a long the way. Honestly, I think I could go on and on with previous jobs I’ve done. Its sad but I always had a good reason for moving on to the next. I worked many years for 911 and am now dispatching Fire and Ems in Savannah. This seems to work for me.

At this point in my life, I really have little career goals. Or maybe I never have. I think I would enjoy being a travel agent (like my mother was) but never tried it. I have been told there is no money in that. I know I still dream of being thin and a woman of leisure. Maybe that really is what I am meant to be. All in all, I have had great experiences, met amazing people and learned different fields. Who knows where I will be in 10 years……


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